TV Wall Mounting

tv wall mounting hidden cables


Fitting a television screen to a wall can be an innovative solution for your home or business. To fix a TV set properly to the correct bracket requires know how and our team of professional engineers can carry out your installation.

There are many reasons why you would choose to mount a TV onto a wall. 

  • In households with small children and animals. By keeping an expensive television screen out of the way of tiny hands or pets can prevent any unwanted and unnecessary damage. 
  • By correctly installing a TV to a wall mount makes the set itself much harder to remove, preventing an expensive item being stolen.
  • Wall mounted TV sets can be much easier on the person viewing it. Constantly watching a badly placed set whilst adopting a poor posture, can put a real strain on the neck and eyes.
  • Due to the nature of fixing a television screen up onto a wall means that it will no longer be in the way and will create more space in the room. Modern flat screen television sets are designed to be mounted onto a wall. They have all the necessary fixings on the back to be able to achieve this.
  • A correctly fitted wall mounted TV can be a real focal point and installed alongside a sound system can change any room into a beautifully refined and practical space. 
  • Commercial business premises can utilise television sets to their advantage. Retail shops can cleverly display offers and sales for customers to easily watch, whilst waiting rooms and reception areas are able to display important information. Pubs and bars can keep their customers happy with wall mounted TV sets showing the latest sporting action.

How Is a TV Mounted Onto a Wall?

Our team of engineers will survey the room where your television is to be installed. We know exactly what size television is suitable for the space and what distance away the user should be for optimum viewing.

We will advise on the correct position and carry out the full installation of the bracket and attach the television set.

Our fully trained technicians can hide any wiring and cables for a discrete and modern appearance.

Can All Televisions Be Mounted Onto a Wall?

Most, if not all modern flat screen television sets already have the fixings to be able to attach them to a wall bracket. Many modern wall brackets have been tested and can take the weight of even the heaviest of television sets. Our engineers will inspect the wall and TV set as well as the bracket to make sure that is all compatible to suit your requirements.

tv wall mounting hidden cables

Types of TV Wall Brackets

There are various options when it comes to TV wall brackets; many of which have different functionalities.

Some wall brackets will fix the television set flat against a wall. This type of wall mount could be useful for sets being installed on a chimney breast, if it is safe to do so.

Other brackets have an arm which can move the television out from the wall. This would be ideal in rooms where there are different seating arrangements or multiple users.

To get the optimum viewing pleasure some brackets can tilt whilst the more sophisticated TV wall mounts can be controlled remotely and electronically position itself depending on who is using it. These types of wall mounts come with their own app and can be integrated with state-of-the-art sound systems including soundbars and sub-woofers; all of which we can install for you.

Can Televisions Be Mounted On All Types of Walls?

Any wall that is constructed from brick, plaster or concrete would be the most suitable for a TV wall mount.

Some older properties where the walls have been constructed from plaster and lathe or that just have plasterboard may not be suitable. This is very much individual to each property and our engineers will inspect the studs to check if it is possible for the wall mount fixings to be taken into the framework.

How are The Cables Hidden?

As part of our TV wall mounting service, we can discretely hide the cables; making the whole appearance look slick and sophisticated. We can move the plug socket to sit behind the television set or even run the cabling behind the wall, which would obviously need repairing afterwards. If this isn’t a preferred option, we can provide cable trunking to run the cable through. These can be an effective solution. Our team will advise on the best options. 

How Much Does TV Wall Mounting Cost?

This is very much dependant on what type of wall bracket is being used and how much work is needed to hide the cabling. A straightforward flat to the wall type bracket will be much easier to install than a motorised TV wall mount. We always aim to be competitive on price whilst providing a top-class service.


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