What Is A Motorised Satellite Dish

Table of Contents What is a Motorised Satellite Dish? Satellite dishes have come a long way since the eighties. Back in the day getting clear and consistent TV reception was very much a hit-or-miss affair. Satellite dishes were extremely sensitive and constantly needed to be adjusted and repaired. Thankfully, modern satellite dishes are much more […]

What Is The Best Aerial Cable For Digital TV

Table of Contents How to Choose the Best TV to Aerial Cable? When looking for the best TV to antenna cable for your property it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many different options on the market, at all different price points, all claiming that they do the best job. So how do […]

Are Loft Aerials Any Good

Table of Contents Are Loft Aerials Any Good? One of the main questions you may be thinking when it comes to improving the TV reception in your home is “Are Loft Aerials Any Good?” and how well do they work when it comes to Digital TV? Well, a loft aerial installation can be a highly […]

How To Install a Masthead Amplifier and Power Supply

Table of Contents How to Install a Masthead Amplifier and Power Supply? A masthead amplifier is a great way to boost the signal of your TV. The device works to boost the signal where it is strongest – your TV aerial – and sends the boosted signal through the coaxial cable to your TV. However, […]

Do I Need a TV Aerial for a Smart TV?

Table of Contents Do I need a TV aerial for a smart TV? This is a common question when purchasing a television. Aerial is also what is known as an ‘antenna’. It refers to any technology that accepts or transmits radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy and transforms it into electrical signals. Domestic television sets, radios, […]

Freesat Vs Freeview

Table of Contents Freeview or Freesat Which One Is highly recommended? There are no longer many free TV stations available that you would like to watch. The question of whether to pick free TV through satellite (Freesat) or free TV via a traditional aerial connection (Freeview) has come up frequently. Both have their advantages. You […]

Types of TV Wall Mount Brackets

Table of Contents How To Choose the Right TV Wall Mount With so many options available, choosing the best TV mount might seem intimidating, but it’s not as difficult as it might appear. TV wall mounts save space, provide convenience, and just look nice in almost any setting or atmosphere, despite the fact that the […]

Why Is My TV Aerial Not Working?

Table of Contents Why is My TV Aerial Not working Do you have issues with TV reception? It’s possible that your television isn’t getting any signals. An aerial that functions properly is required for your TV to work effectively. TV aerial difficulties are extremely aggravating when you’re viewing your favourite show. So, are you annoyed […]