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Welcome to our dedicated TV Wall Mounting page, where we turn your viewing experience into a seamless blend of style and functionality. We understand that the perfect viewing angle and a clutter-free space are crucial for the ultimate home entertainment setup. That’s why our professional and efficient TV wall mounting services are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your living space while ensuring safety and precision.

From sleek and modern to robust and multi-functional, our solutions cater to every type of room and television. Dive into our service details, customer testimonials, and an inspiring gallery of our work to see how we can transform your entertainment hub into a polished and inviting focal point.

Reasons To Wall Mount Your TV

Space Saving & Safety

Space is at a premium, especially in some regions of the UK. Mounting your TV to the wall can free up that precious floor space and give your living room a much more extensive look and feel without needing a TV stand or cabinet.

If your existing TV is on a stand, you have a high chance of the TV falling over, causing injury to your child and damaging the TV itself.

When it comes to safety, especially for those with young children, safety is a must! TV wall mounting your TV will prevent toddlers from touching the screen. 

Viewing Angles

In certain situations, TV wall mounting in your preferred location is not always possible. This could be due to obstacles in the way, such as seating arrangements, glare on the screen, the layout of the room, and other potential complications.

To eliminate this issue, there are many types of brackets available on the market with different functionalities.

These brackets include.

  • Fixed brackets
  • Tilting brackets
  • Full motion brackets
  • And hydraulic pull-down brackets, which we will elaborate on in the next section. 

Cinematic Viewing

Technology has moved on leaps and bounds since the days of plasma and LCD flat panel TVs.

With technology constantly evolving, major brands such as Samsung, LG, and Sony (to name a few) have made our TV viewing more of a cinematic experience in the comfort of our own homes, so it’s never been a better time to use our TV wall mounting services.

As technology has progressed, along with resolutions on premium TVs being more in-depth with QLED & OLED technology, you can now immerse yourself in the world of movies, music, and entertainment and enjoy that cinematic pleasure on the comfort of your sofa.

To complement that cinematic feel, add a surround sound system or sound bar to your setup to ensure a complete cinematic experience. There are many options when choosing which audio setup to go for.

Sound Enhancement Options

When choosing the right sound system for your viewing experience, the main question is, what is the right sound system solution you should choose?

This can depend on many factors, from the size of your room, the size of your TV, what your viewing preferences are and so much more…! 

We will go over some of the many options which are available on the market that will benefit your TV wall mounting and enhance your viewing pleasure.


A sound bar is a great option to get the most out of your new TV wall mounting installation.

With the in-built TV speakers not giving the greatest of sounds as standard, a soundbar can enhance that. Some soundbar packages are even supplied with a wireless subwoofer for that added bass kick.

A soundbar can be placed on a mantle piece below the TV or even wall mounted for a sleek design look and a better depth of field for the sound to transmit around the room.

Typical budget brands range from SamsungSony, and LG and go up to the more premium brands such as Sonos (Play Bar and Arc) and BOSE.

Surround Sounds Systems

If you are a TV enthusiast and like to immerse yourself in the world of movies, music, and entertainment, then a home cinema system would be the ideal option for you.

These systems consist of a full surround sound setup being front and rear speakers alongside a bass box for that added rumble.

Typical brands such as Sony and LG are available for an affordable experience, whereas brands such as SonosDenon, and KEF to name a few, will give the ultimate surround sound experience.

Types of Brackets Available

Fixed TV Wall Bracket

A fixed TV wall bracket is an ideal bracket for situations where you will have your TV installed at eye level and do not require access to the AV ports on the back of the TV.

With a fixed wall mount, they sit more flush with the wall, giving a more streamlined look.

Tilting TV Wall Bracket

A tilting wall bracket is an ideal option if you want to have your TV mounted above a fireplace or at a high level, which then allows you to tilt your TV for the best viewing angle.

This is also ideal for those who require easy access to the AV ports at the back of the TV without taking the TV off the wall. 

Full-Motion TV Bracket

This is what is also known as a cantilever-type bracket.

This type of bracket allows the user to tilt their TV and have the option to adjust the TV in the left and right positions. This type of bracket is also ideal for those who want multiple viewing angles, such as if the TV is to be installed in the corner of a room or you have a large room with a varied seating arrangement.

Pull-Down TV Bracket

This bracket is ideal if you want your TV installed above a fireplace or on a chimney breast.

It allows you to pull the bracket down to eye level to reduce strain from having to look up at the TV constantly. You also have the option to swivel the TV left or right for a better viewing preference.

Wall Types & Installation

So you have decided to use our TV wall mounting service but may need clarification on the wall type and whether your TV can even be mounted to that wall.

In most modern properties, the walls can be plasterboard with a cavity, sometimes called ‘dot and dab’. These types of walls would require a stud finder and need specialist fixings to secure the TV.

In older properties, walls are usually brick or masonry, making the installation more straightforward.

In certain situations, some installations require the wall to be reinforced to allow the weight of the TV and the bracket.

At Elite AV Services, we have many years of experience and knowledge that can help install any make and type of TV and bracket to any wall material on any property.

In some cases, a site survey would be required, where we can fully assess your requirements, go over the options available and give advice on the best course of action to take to make sure the installation is safe and secure.

TV Cable Management

As part of your TV installation, we must consider how to route the cables from any connected devices, such as a games console, Freeview set-top-box, Freesat receiver, or Sky Q box.

There are three main ways of concealing these cables.

Cable Conduit

This option is the most cost-effective option to conceal your cables so they are out of sight.

Conduit can vary in size and width and is also available in squared and oval. The main advantage is that you can easily add or remove any cables if you so wish.

Conduit can also be an alternative option for rented properties as it is a non-permanent installation and can be easily removed.


Cavity Concealment

If you live in a newly built property, your walls are more than likely to be plasterboard or what is also known as drywall.

Generally, there is a void/cavity which can allow the cables to be hidden behind the wall for a seamless look. This is finished off with a cable entry brush plate to make good any exposed holes in your wall.

Channel & Plastering

When your walls are brick or concrete, embedding the cables can become more of a challenge.

We would need to cut into the wall using a professional machine to channel deep enough to accommodate the connecting cables from your AV devices, then finish off by making good with a bond and plastered finish, ready for you to paint or decorate.

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