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Terms & Conditions

Our terms were last updated in August 2023 and may have changed since your last visit.

To see a list of these changes and their respective dates, please reach out to us.

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For all details about Elite AV Services located at 28, Cavan Walk, Bristol, BS4 1PN and our services, visit our website or speak to our sales team before finalizing your order. We’ll also provide essential details in writing either through our website’s enquiry form, email, or a confirmation message. Our sales team will verbally confirm these details if you order by phone.

If you have questions about our terms or services, please contact us. You can reach us by phone, webchat, enquiry form, email, or traditional mail at Elite AV Services, 28 Cavan Walk, Bristol, BS4 1PN.

By purchasing from us, you acknowledge and agree to our updated terms.

Terms & Conditions

By entering this agreement and requesting our services, you confirm that you have the right to grant us access to the premises for the services. If you’re acting on someone’s behalf or won’t be present, you’re still accountable for the services requested.

We might not always be able to fulfill service requests due to reasons like limited supplies or unavailable staff. We’ll inform you promptly if this occurs, and you won’t be charged.

We offer free quotes solely for new installations, not for repairs or diagnostics. Any initial quotes are based on your provided information and might change after an on-site visit. Quotes are valid for 28 days unless specified differently by us.

While we strive to adhere to given time slots, unforeseen factors might cause delays. We’ll keep you updated, but we’re not liable for any resulting inconveniences.

While we strive to adhere to given time slots, unforeseen The cost might change during a service if unforeseen issues arise. We’ll inform you about any price changes. Diagnostic or investigative work comes with a minimum one-hour charge. Cancellation of such services within 24 hours of the booking will also incur this charge.

Some service charges include expenses like parking or congestion fees. We’ll inform you in advance if such charges apply.

We perform services with care and skill, but factors beyond our control may affect outcomes, like local reception fluctuations.

Upon service completion, payment is due. If our representatives must wait for payment, you’ll be charged an hourly fee. We accept credit card, debit card, cash and bank transfer.

We may match or beat competitor prices, provided the conditions listed in your original terms are met.

Specialist parts require a 50% upfront payment. Once paid, these parts are considered yours. The remaining 50% is due upon installation.

Any unpaid goods remain our property. If payments are withheld, we reserve the right to uninstall these goods after reasonable notice. Any time and costs associated with such actions are your responsibility.

New installations come with a 12-month parts and labor warranty. This doesn’t apply if third parties intervene with our work. The warranty excludes certain conditions like force majeure events, winds above 50mph, interference from various sources, and work against our recommendation.

We aim for your satisfaction. If there’s an issue with our service, please notify us. We’ll address it if it’s within our warranty terms. Service calls where no fault is found or those that violate our warranty terms incur our standard charges.

Note: Always refer to our rates section for the latest pricing details.

Please ensure these revised terms still meet your legal and business requirements. Consider having a legal expert review them before final implementation.

  • If you believe our representatives have caused damage, notify us immediately.
  • Provide a written description with photos. We’ll investigate on-site.
  • Without allowing us this inspection, we can’t determine liability. If a third party is involved post-installation, we can’t ascertain if they or our representative caused the damage.
  • If an issue isn’t our fault, you’ll be charged our standard hourly rate. Refer to our rates for specifics.
  • Our services include VAT where mentioned. If VAT rates change between ordering and service provision, the VAT you pay will adjust accordingly.
  • Late payments accrue 8% annual interest above the Bank of England base rate.

Delays beyond our control won’t lead to compensation. If a significant delay occurs, contact our customer service to possibly end the contract and receive an adjusted refund.

  • We’re responsible for foreseeable losses caused by our breach of contract or negligence.
  • We don’t exclude or limit our liability where it’s illegal to do so.
  • For business clients, our liability is more limited. Losses due to contracts are limited to the total paid by you for our services.
  • For most online, phone, or doorstep services, you have 14 days to change your mind.
  • If you cancel a same-day service, a booking fee applies.
  • If you wish to cancel, contact our Customer Service or use the online/printable forms. Refunds are processed within 14 days.
  • If you’re unhappy with our service, reach out with evidence. If we’re at fault, we’ll rectify it; otherwise, charges apply.
  • You have rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 related to service quality.
  • We may alter services due to legal changes or technical adjustments.
  • Services can be suspended or withdrawn for various reasons, with due notice and potential refunds.

We can end our contract if payments are overdue or if you fail to provide necessary cooperation.

We cover certain losses unless they’re unforeseeable, caused by uncontrollable delays, avoidable, or business-related.

Personal data use is detailed in our Privacy Policy.

For complaints, contact our Customer Service Team. We aim to respond within 14 days.

  • These terms are under English law.
  • Contracts are transferable, with notice.
  • Only you and we have rights under this contract. Some contract parts may be invalid, but the rest remain.
  • Delays in enforcement don’t waive our rights.
  • Product images on our website are illustrative. Color accuracy isn’t guaranteed.
  • Respect our intellectual property rights.
  • Don’t solely rely on our site’s content; it’s general information.
  • We aren’t responsible for third-party websites linked on our site.

Note: It’s vital for a lawyer to review these terms to ensure they cover all legal requirements. This is a summarised and more readable version, but legal completeness and accuracy should be confirmed.