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Have Your Sky Glass TV Professionally Mounted to The Wall

If you have just purchased the revolutionary technology that is Sky Glass and are looking for a professional TV wall mounting, then you have come to the right place.

Here we will go over the benefits of choosing us for your Sky Glass installation.

These include.

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Since the start of the innovative technology, Sky TV launched back in 1989 with just 4 free to air channels! As time has progressed and the constant progression in modern technology, Sky now boasts an impressive 300+ channels just on a basic subscription package. Sky TV has moved on leaps and bounds, introducing cutting edge technology, by launching ‘Sky Glass’, which is an integrated Smart TV, with built-in Sky Q services, 6 speakers and a subwoofer for immersive sound, 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot Display and most of all, eliminating the need for a satellite dish and cables!

Well, to keep up with the demand for streaming and those people who either can’t have a satellite dish installed due to permission or live in a property that is a listed building, then Sky Glass is the service for you.

Sky Glass has many beneficial factors from the service itself and your property too. As a company at the forefront of all TV broadcasting services, with Sky TV services being one of the most popular, we have faced countless situations where our customers are either refused permission or live in a listed building where a satellite dish installation for Sky TV just isn’t feasible.

As Sky Glass is an integrated TV screen with an inbuilt streaming service, it eliminates those obstacles and works purely through your broadband service. One of the other main benefits of this service is that you don’t need a satellite dish installed at your property with the need for cabling run from the dish to a set-top box, which in turn eliminates the need for any clutter and connected devices sitting in cabinets or on shelves.

Sky has thought outside the box with this innovative technology eliminating the need for satellite dishes, cabling and set-top boxes on show. Sky Glass operates similar to Sky Q but without the hassle of external satellite dish installations and works by streaming through your existing broadband.

With immersive 4k Ultra HD Quantum Dot technology (QLED), you can view your most favoured programmes in a stunning sharp Ultra High Definition resolution. Couple that with the built-in 6 speakers Dolby Atmos soundbar and it’ll bring your TV shows to life.

Sky Glass TV’s are available in 3 different sizes, being 43”, 55”, & 65” and are also VESA compliant giving you the option to have it mounted to the wall to give you that full cinematic experience, also saving floor space and being out of reach from children.

With over 25 years of experience in the satellite TV sector, we pride ourselves being involved ever since the start of this innovative technology. We are able to supply all types of satellite services, such as Sky TV, Sky Q and Sky Glass.

As well as being Sky installation accredited, we also specialise in whole-home WiFi Systems to assure your Sky Glass and streaming services can be viewed without any interruption from poor broadband issues or dead-zone problems, as Sky Glass is a streaming service relying on a dedicated broadband signal.

If you require more information regarding the latest Sky Glass service, then feel free to get in touch with Elite AV Services, where we can assist you with your requirements. Alternatively use the contact form and one of our accredited technicians will contact you. We can advise TV sizes, costings and installations including solutions for the best whole-home WiFi courage in your property.

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