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Welcome to Elite AV Services, where seamless connectivity meets professional excellence. In today’s fast-paced digital world, a reliable home network is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Whether working from home, streaming the latest 4K content, or ensuring your smart home devices operate flawlessly, a robust home network is the backbone of your digital lifestyle.

From the initial assessment to the final implementation, our process is designed to deliver a hassle-free experience with minimal disruption to your home environment. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised service that translates into a reliable network you can trust.

Home Networking Services

Elite AV Services specialises in creating custom home networking solutions that cater to the diverse needs of modern households. Our comprehensive service range ensures that every corner of your home is connected with high-speed and reliable internet.

Tailored Networking for Every Device: We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer bespoke networking installations. From a single RJ45 connection for your smart TV or gaming console to a fully integrated system for your entire home, we ensure that all your devices are connected to the fastest and most reliable network available.

Advanced Cabling for Unmatched Performance: Our installations utilise the most advanced CAT6, CAT6a, and CAT7 cabling, ensuring that your network isn’t just fast today but ready for tomorrow’s technology. We take pride in providing solutions that are both cutting-edge and durable, guaranteeing optimal performance for years to come.

Seamless Integration with Your Home Aesthetics: We believe that a home network should be functional and discreet. Our installations are designed to blend seamlessly with your home decor, ensuring that cables and hardware complement your space rather than intrude upon it.

Expert Installation with Minimal Disruption: Our team of certified professionals ensures that your home network installation is performed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We respect your time and space, leaving it just as we found it – only significantly more connected.

Connect with Elite AV Services to experience the pinnacle of home networking installations, where performance and aesthetics meet to create the perfect online experience for you and your family.

Expert WiFi Installation Services

In the age of smart homes and streaming entertainment, a robust WiFi network is the heartbeat of your digital life. Elite AV Services is at the forefront of delivering professional WiFi installation services that promise uninterrupted connectivity throughout your home.

Optimised WiFi for Unparalleled Coverage: Our expert team ensures your WiFi network blankets every inch of your space, eliminating dead zones and providing strong signals where you need them most. We specialise in WiFi distribution solutions that optimise signal strength, allowing you to roam and connect from anywhere in your home.

Upgrade to WiFi 6 for Future-Ready Speeds: Stay ahead of the curve with our WiFi 6 upgrade services. Embrace the latest wireless technology for faster speeds, improved efficiency, and capacity to handle more devices. With WiFi 6, your network is ready for tomorrow’s demand today.

Custom WiFi Solutions for Every Home: Our WiFi solutions are tailored to your needs whether you live in a cosy apartment or a sprawling estate. We assess your home’s layout, usage patterns, and device requirements to design a custom WiFi setup that delivers seamless connectivity.

Professional Installation with a Personal Touch: At Elite AV Services, we combine technical expertise with a personal approach. Our installations are swift, non-intrusive, and tailored to your schedule, ensuring a smooth and satisfying upgrade to your home WiFi experience.

Connect with us and transform your home into a hub of seamless digital connectivity with Elite AV Services’ WiFi installation services.

High-Speed Ethernet Installation

Elite AV Services brings you the gold standard in home networking with our professional Ethernet installation services. Experience the full potential of your internet connection with our high-speed solutions.

CAT6 Cabling for Peak Performance: Our use of premium Category 6 cabling ensures that your network infrastructure is robust and ready for the future. With full copper twisted pairs, our CAT6 installations support data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, making them perfect for high-speed internet requirements.

Indoor and Outdoor Networking Solutions: Whether you need connectivity indoors or want to extend your network to outdoor spaces, our Ethernet solutions are designed for durability and performance. Our installations ensure that your smart home devices, security systems, and outdoor entertainment areas have the high-speed connection they need.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Efficiency: We value your comfort and convenience. Our team of experts ensures that your Ethernet installation is carried out with the utmost professionalism, causing minimal disruption to your home life. We strive for efficiency in our installations, ensuring a quick and seamless setup process.

Tailored to Your Home’s Unique Needs: At Elite AV Services, we understand that every home is different. We provide personalised consultations to tailor your Ethernet installation to your home’s specific layout and your personal usage patterns, ensuring a network that’s just right for you.

Choose Elite AV Services for an Ethernet installation that combines speed, reliability, and tailored design to keep you connected in the age of smart technology.

Outbuilding WiFi Solutions

Extend your home’s connectivity to every corner of your property with Elite AV Services’ specialised Outbuilding WiFi Solutions. We bridge the gap between your main residence and remote spaces, ensuring seamless internet access wherever needed.

Seamless WiFi Extension to Outbuildings: Our services are designed to overcome the challenges of distance and obstacles when extending WiFi to garden offices, workshops, or guest houses. We implement robust solutions that carry solid and stable signals to any outbuilding, ensuring your property’s WiFi coverage is comprehensive and reliable.

Expert Cabling for Uninterrupted Connectivity: We utilise standard and advanced cabling methods to ensure that your outbuildings are connected and enjoying the same high-speed internet as your main house. Our installations can cover distances up to 100 meters without compromising performance, ensuring your outbuildings are effectively integrated into your home network.

Customised Installations for Unique Properties: Every property is unique, and so are your connectivity needs. Elite AV Services provides customised WiFi solutions that consider the layout of your property, the location of your outbuildings, and your specific internet usage requirements.

Professional Service with a Personal Approach: Our team of networking experts delivers a personal service tailored to your schedule and property needs. We ensure the installation process is smooth, efficient, and respectful of your property and privacy.

With Elite AV Services, your outbuildings will become a natural extension of your connected home. Please feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities of a fully connected property.

Why Choose Elite AV Services

Choosing the right partner for your home networking needs is crucial. At Elite AV Services, we stand out as the premier choice for homeowners seeking reliability, expertise, and exceptional customer service.

Decades of Expertise: With over 25 years in the industry, our team brings knowledge and experience to every project. We’ve built a reputation for excellence, staying at the forefront of home networking technology to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

Certified Professionals: Our technicians are skilled and certified, ensuring that every installation or service call is performed to the highest standards. We’re committed to continuous learning and improvement, keeping our team updated with the latest advancements in networking technology.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every home is unique. That’s why we offer customised networking solutions designed to meet the specific demands of your lifestyle and property. Our approach is to listen, assess, and then deliver a solution that fits perfectly with your needs.

Unmatched Customer Service Our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart. We provide attentive, personalised service from the initial consultation to completing your project and beyond. We’re not just installing a network but building a relationship with you as a trusted provider.

Quality You Can Trust: We use only the highest quality equipment and materials, ensuring that your home network is reliable, secure, and ready to handle today’s demands and tomorrow’s innovations.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our work comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. We stand behind the quality of our service and the performance of your network, giving you peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice with Elite AV Services.

For a home network that exceeds expectations, choose Elite AV Services – where quality, experience, and customer care come together to deliver the ultimate in-home connectivity.

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