TV Aerial Installation

TV Aerial Installation & Repair


Here at Elite AV Services, we offer a wide range of services, including TV aerial installation. Our dedicated team of fully trained, professional engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience providing you with the best possible service.

There are many reasons why our customers have requested our TV aerial installation service. New or self build properties will require a new aerial or possibly an existing aerial has suffered damage; perhaps from the weather, where strong winds can not only disrupt the reception by moving the position, but also in some circumstances even break them. Our fault finding diagnosis may even discover the issue lies within the coaxial wall socket, which can be damaged by frequent plugging and unplugging of coaxial cables. We can refit these sockets should this be the problem. Whatever your requirements Elite AV Services will provide you with first class assistance.

Digital TV is becoming more and more popular and the number of available channels is increasing. Televisions are without a doubt one of the most favoured forms of entertainment and a resource for information gathering. The average home in the UK has multiple TV sets and households with families and children will understand the demand. 

Without a fully functioning and correctly positioned aerial, television users will not receive the full benefits of what is available. Often many channels can be missed through a poorly positioned or directed aerial and often the signal can be so weak the viewing pleasure is significantly harmed. We have all been watching TV when the picture has become pixelated or even disappeared altogether.  A damaged TV aerial can cause other problems too, especially to the surrounding roof structure such as brickwork or tiles, which are a costly repair in themselves.

How We Carry Out Your TV Aerial Installation

Our team of professional engineers will visit your property and discuss the issues and problems you are experiencing with your Television aerial. Or if your property has never had an aerial before we will assess your exact requirements.

Elite AV Services will install your new aerial no matter the size of your building. Our service covers  residential properties and commercial office blocks and businesses; we aim to provide the same level of customer satisfaction.

We recognise that not every customer is the same and we provide a bespoke service depending on what is required. There are different types of installation solutions; indoor aerials, loft aerials and outdoor aerials.

An indoor aerial is perhaps the easiest installation. These are a very cheap solution but in areas where the TV signal is weak these types of aerials will not perform very well. A loft aerial on the other hand will require more work; running the cables into the premises loft space. They will provide a much better signal than a simple indoor aerial and of course they are not subjected to any poor weather. The signal to a loft aerial can be severely hampered due to the roof, especially if it is constructed with metal.

Without doubt the recommended option for receiving the best signal is an outdoor TV aerial. This will provide a strong and sustained signal which will increase your television viewing pleasure. There is more installation work involved but there are more benefits to this type of aerial; especially in areas that are a significant distance away from the transmitter.

Many customers will want multiple televisions within their property. This could be an extra TV in the kitchen or in the children’s bedrooms. Commercial premises may need to have an extra TV in the staff room as well as the main office. Whatever your requirements we can install the extra wall sockets and make sure each Television has the same high quality signal.

Our friendly and knowledgeable engineers will advise if any extra installation equipment is needed to increase and improve the signal. Occasionally installing multiple televisions from one aerial can require other devices to allow this to happen, such as a signal amplifier or splitter. Every premises is different and so a bespoke solution will be explained to you.

TV Aerial Installation & Repair

You can be assured of a clean and tidy service, both inside and outside your premises. Our engineer will hide any additional cable work and should any wall sockets be needed, they will be installed in an ordered, tidy and efficient manner, leaving no mess. If we need to gain access to your roof to install an outdoor aerial, we have all of the correct equipment to safely climb heights but also work so as not to damage or disrupt any of the existing roof structure. 

Once the aerial has been correctly installed we will check that it is fully functioning by testing and tuning your connected units and we can make any adjustments should they be needed. 

How Long Will Your TV Aerial Installation Take? 

This very much depends on the requirements. The engineer will discuss the issues and carry out a series of tests before offering the best solutions. If a new aerial is required outside on a roof, then this will likely take several hours, especially if extra TV wall sockets are required or any additional facilities needed to improve the quality of the signal.

How Much Will Your TV Aerial Installation Cost?

Not every customer and premises is the same. Our team at Elite AV Services will discuss with you what exactly is required so that the best possible solution can be found. You’ll be completely satisfied with our competitive prices. We offer a prompt and fast service and with excellent local knowledge of the surrounding area, important for finding the correct transmitter, you can be assured that our TV aerial installation service will give you the perfect reception.


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