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Are you looking for help mounting a TV on a wall in your home or business? Elite AV Services offers affordable and quick TV wall mounting in Chepstow and the surrounding areas. For a speedy and smooth service, get in touch today!

For over 25 years, we have been providing TV wall mounting installation. Satellite dish and cabling and TV Aerial installations. Contact us today to discover our affordable services and book your quick and easy TV wall mounting in Chepstow.

Choosing The Best Brackets

The best mounting bracket for your TV will depend upon the type of wall and your TV size. It will also depend on how much flexibility you need when viewing your screen. You may need a different TV installation if you have a plasterboard wall or a huge and heavy flat-screen TV.

Flush TV Brackets

For securing large TVs on your wall for the ultimate home cinema experience.

Tilting Brackets for TV

Wall mounting installation of flexible TVs which can move up and down.

Articulated TV Wall Brackets

These will help you move the TV into various positions based on your standing or sitting.


No matter what types of positioning you need, our local TV installation service has the expertise to get the job done. Please reach out to our expert service today to find out which brackets are the best for you.

Why Choose Elite AV Services

We Have Helped Hundreds of Customers Over More than 25 Years

With over a quarter of a decade’s experience – we have the expertise and experience to get the job done! And if you don’t believe us – you can believe our customers!

Our expert team will know the best tools and placement for your TV wall mounting installation in Chepstow. You can rely on our experience and knowledge when it comes to your aerial and satellite installations.

Affordable Pricing For Expert and Specialist TV Wall Mounting Installation Service

Securely fitting your TV to a wall while ensuring no damage to your home or equipment is a specialist job. And our telecommunications and audio-visual company are the experts. We have devoted our company entirely to supporting clients with their TV and WiFi needs. So, you can have complete confidence in our TV wall mounting service

Our installers will be able to advise you on the best placement for your type of TV and ensure that your equipment is safely and securely attached to your wall.

We offer a Quick and Free No-Obligation Quote for TV Wall Mounting in Chepstow

Find out how much our TV mounting services will cost for your home with our no-obligation quote service. Then you can book your TV mounting installation with full knowledge of the final cost.

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Since the introduction of the very first VESA-compliant flat-screen TV, we have been in high demand from customers requesting to have their TVs professionally wall-mounted.

More than 15 years of experience wall mounting TVs across Chepstow

For professional service and to leave a smile on your face, contact the number 1 company for TV installations, Elite AV Services, today, on 0333 772 2013 or use our online booking form.

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