Alarm Systems

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Alarm Systems

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What Is The Purpose Of A Home Security System?

First and foremost, a home alarm system aims to protect your property and those inside it against burglary and home intrusion. Having an alarm security system installed at your property is more likely to deter any potential threat of burglary and intrusion and keep those unwanted visitors at bay, giving you around-the-clock peace of mind knowing your property, loved ones and valuables are protected!

What Type Of Alarm Systems Are Available?

There are a whole host of security alarm systems available to suit everyone’s needs and the level of protection they require. We can provide a range of burglar alarm systems that are ‘smart’ enabled, featuring the latest security tech allowing you to remotely connect to your property using your phone, tablet or PC. Such systems come with touch screen alarm panels, door contacts, PIR motion sensors and Wi-Fi doorbells.

Smart Vs Traditional Alarm Systems?

A traditional alarm system, also known also as a ‘bells only’ system consists of a siren which is usually installed either at the front or side of your property, along with sensors fitted to the doors and windows. If an unwanted visitor takes the chance to break into your property, the system is then triggered and a very high pitched noise is sounded alerting the intruder that they have breached one of the sensors within the system and this would deter or scare away the intruding party. The drawback with a traditional alarm system is that you have no control over your property being breached if you’re away from your property.

Whereas a smart alarm system will give you full peace of mind and overall control. This system can consist of video doorbells, external sirens, sensors for doors and windows, PIR sensors that are pet friendly and can even go as far as allowing you to add flood sensors, fire and life safety equipment, as well as wellness benefits. This system would link to a central hub which would be controlled over WiFi using a touch screen panel and can even be operated by your smart device with the simple touch of a button, whether you’re home or away.

Why Choose Elite AV Services?

Elite AV Services has been at the forefront of home security for over 25 years. We value ‘you’ the customer and take pride in making sure your property, loved ones and valuables are safe and secure! With technology constantly evolving, we ensure our specialist team of accredited technicians are always the first in line to keep up with the latest technology, making sure that you have access to the latest and most advanced systems available on the market.

Catering not only for residential properties, but we also install, service and maintain security systems for commercial customers to make sure their place of work has 24/7 monitoring security solutions.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing security system or are simply looking to have a bespoke system designed from scratch, then our expert team will advise the best system to suit which level of security you require, giving you peace of mind for a seamless installation and knowing that you will have all-round protection.


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