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Closed Circuit Television has long been used by commercial business users for many years. The added security provided by such a system, can prevent any wrong doing from occurring and is a fantastic deterrent from crime being committed. The hassle and loss of money incurred from crime can cripple small businesses and a CCTV facility goes a long way to avoiding this ever happening.

With the advancement in technology, CCTV is no longer solely for business owners and their places of work. Over recent years home owners have taken advantage of some incredibly sophisticated solutions to guard their own houses and property and there are many different options available to use.

CCTV – What We Can Do For You

Our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers can install CCTV systems within your premises.

We use some of the latest and best solutions, to not only provide a visible deterrent but also keep you in control. By this we mean the systems we use can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world 24/7, giving you complete peace of mind.

We will visit your location and discuss with you any concerns and highlight the best areas for our cameras to give complete coverage. CCTV cameras do not have to be installed outside, but many people have also chosen to protect their property with indoor cameras. Once we’ve carried out our survey of your premises we will advise the best solution. 

We pride ourselves in achieving complete customer satisfaction and we will offer advice and guidance on any other security measures that can be carried out, such as improving window locks.

We believe this type of security should not only be limited to cameras. Lights are a tried and tested method and potential criminals are likely to think twice if the area is well lit.

What CCTV Equipment Do We Use?

This very much depends on what is required. We recognise that every customer will have different needs. A homeowner will require an alternative solution to a business owner.

If a customer decides to go down the route of installing CCTV then we recommend using high definition HD monitors. Other systems that use analogue signals can mean that the picture quality is poor and grainy.

Not all CCTV has a recording function, which although cheaper can seem ineffective. To record CCTV, a small box with a hard drive will be required and connected up to the cameras; all of which we will do. Many smaller CCTV products, especially for home use, can connect to an existing WiFi router. This makes installation incredibly quick and easy.

cctv security home office business work audio visual av installation repair security lights

There are many different CCTV camera solutions available, some obviously cost more than others. Remote access cameras are a fantastic option for people who want to see who is ringing the doorbell. The picture is transmitted to a smartphone and a notification will immediately be displayed. 

Motion detector cameras use infrared detection and immediately start operating once they identify movement. Night Vision cameras use ambient light to help make the picture images, even if it is completely dark to the naked eye. Wireless cameras are incredibly easy to install and can be connected to a router within minutes. Many modern cameras can be connected to Google Assistant and Alexa so that the camera can be operated using voice commands. Some camera products also have an in built speaker so that the owner can talk to a person who is being filmed and recorded.

Our expert technicians will carry out any work in the most efficient and tidy manner possible. They will aim to cause as little disruption to your workplace or home life. 

How Long Does CCTV Take To Install?

This is another question difficult to answer because it all depends on what is required. It goes without saying that installing CCTV to large commercial business property will require more work than a small residential premises. 

Our engineers will aim to complete the installation quickly and efficiently. We will explain how to use any equipment so that you can be confident in your new security measures.

Does CCTV Require Planning Permission?

Normally householders do not need planning permission to install CCTV on their own property. In some circumstances, such as listed buildings or homes that are situated within conservation areas, permission may need to be granted. If there is any doubt, we would advise checking with your local planning authority.

Are There Any Legal Requirements?

In short CCTV that has been installed to help protect a domestic property must be used in a responsible manner. This means no unnecessary recording of areas other than the homeowners building or land. Business owners must also abide by this law and also tell people that they are being recorded by displaying clearly visible signage.

CCTV Maintenance

It goes without saying that anything attached to a building outside will be exposed to potentially bad weather, especially during the winter months. Property owners can make their own checks however if you are in any doubt with regards to the functioning of any of the camera systems then we will be more than happy to assist.

Unless hard drives become full it is unlikely any recording system will need maintenance other than a potential upgrade if required.

What Is The Cost?

CCTV can be seen as an initial outlay but a long term investment. It is hard to put a price on the security of a home or business property and their contents. The cost of CCTV very much depends on what is required, some buildings will only require 1 camera that can be connected to a smartphone, whilst other solutions may mean several cameras installed and connected to a central monitor. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. 


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