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TV Wall Mounting in Bradford-on-Avon

Do you need a TV mounted securely and professionally on your wall in Bradford-on-Avon? At Elite AV Services, we specialise in TV wall mounting for homes and businesses throughout the Bradford-on-Avon area. Our fully trained and experienced technicians have performed hundreds of TV wall installations, so you can be confident that your new TV will be mounted safely and securely.

Furthermore, our service extends beyond mere installation. We provide comprehensive consultation to identify the optimal viewing angle and height, ensuring your viewing experience is enhanced to its maximum potential. Whether you prefer a flush wall mount for a sleek, modern look or a full-motion mount for versatile viewing angles, our team has the expertise and tools to cater to your specific needs. Trust us to transform your entertainment space in Bradford-on-Avon with precision and professionalism.

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TV Wall Mounting

Bradford-on-Avon‘s TV Wall Mounting Experts

Choosing The Right Location

The first step in any TV wall mounting job is choosing the right location on your wall for the TV. There are a few factors our technicians will consider:

  • Viewing Angles: We’ll determine the best height and position for the TV to optimise viewing angles based on the room layout and typical seating areas. This helps reduce glare and neck strain when watching TV.
  • Cables and Power: The location must allow easy access behind the wall to power outlets and ports to connect other AV devices like soundbars and consoles. We’ll confirm there is an optimal path to run all necessary cabling.
  • Studs: It is crucial to properly attach the mount to wall studs for maximum security. Our technicians will locate studs and choose an appropriate location that allows proper stud access.
  • Structural Limitations: In some cases, additional wall reinforcement and special mounts are required to provide enough support. We’ll inspect and test the mounting area to check whether reinforcement is recommended.

Proper TV Wall Mount Installation

Once our experts have selected the right location, installing the mount securely is crucial for safety. Here is an overview of our professional TV wall mounting process:

  1. Determine Proper Mounting Height: Considerations include viewing angles and ADA accessibility guidelines if relevant.
  2. Locate and Mark Wall Studs: We’ll use electronic stud finders and small test holes to locate precisely.
  3. Install Backing Board If Needed: A plywood backing supports heavier TVs or hollow/breeze block walls more.
  4. Attach Wall Mount Base: We’ll use lag bolts screwed firmly into the wall studs so the mount base remains secure and level.
  5. Install and Check TV: We’ll lift the TV into place, secure it to the mount, and then double-check for safety and ideal viewing angle.
  6. Route Cables and Conceal: Finally, we’ll pull through any required HDMI, power, and other cables from the best access point to keep things neat.

The end result is peace of mind, knowing the TV mount is professionally installed. This keeps your new TV safe while providing an optimal viewing experience in your desired location.

Choosing The Right TV Wall Mount

With so many TV mount options on the market, choosing one that fits your exact TV and requirements is key. At Elite AV Services, we are TV mounting specialists, so we supply and fit a variety of mount types from leading brands like Sanus and Vogels. Some things we’ll help determine:

  • Fixed vs Movable: Do you only need a tilt for your application or full articulating arms?
  • Weight Capacity: We’ll ensure the mount is rated to hold your TV weight safely.
  • Max Mounting Pattern: To properly interface with the back of your TV model.
  • Additional Features: Things like cable management systems or locking mechanisms for added security.

As accredited installers, we source all wall mounts directly, ensuring they are high quality and fit for purpose based on the recommendations from our site survey. All our wall mounts also come with at least a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Safety Checks and Testing

Even when using commercial-grade TV wall mounts attached firmly to studs, accidents can happen if the mounts are not correctly installed. That’s why every mounting job performed by Elite AV Services includes safety checks and testing:

  • Visual Alignment Checks: We’ll examine the mount from multiple angles to ensure the TV sits completely flush and level against the wall.
  • Physical Movement Tests: Technicians will attempt to manually move and twist the TV on the mount, checking for any play or movement.
  • Fastener Tightness: All fixing bolts and other fasteners will be examined and tightened firmly, securing the mount.

Our extensive safety checks examine the entire mounting assembly and attachments. Only once our team is fully satisfied will the job be considered complete.

After-Service Support

As a full-service provider, Elite AV Services wants to ensure an exceptional experience long after the initial mounting work is complete. That’s why we offer:

  • Adjustment Services: If you rearrange furnishings or seating that impacts viewing, we’ll readjust mount angles as required.
  • Removal and Relocation Services: If you move homes within the Bradford-on-Avon area, we can safely deinstall your mount and reinstall it at your new home.
  • Upgrades and Additions: We can upgrade mounts or add additional components like audio systems and cable tidying.

We stand behind our workmanship and will even service mounts installed by other companies. Contact us anytime after your TV mounting job for maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting and other jobs to help maintain and improve your home AV setup.

Why Choose Us For Your TV Wall Mounting in Bradford-on-Avon?

With over 20 years of serving clients throughout Wiltshire, Elite AV Services is the most trusted name for flawless TV mounting and AV installations in Bradford-on-Avon.

Here’s why you should choose us for your next television wall mounting job:

  • Fully Qualified and Accredited Technicians: All our staff hold industry-recognised qualifications, so you know you are getting highly skilled professionals.
  • Direct Relationships with Brands Like Sanus and Vogels: This allows us to source quality mounts at reasonable prices for our customers.
  • Clean and Tidy Work: Our technicians are seasoned professionals who respect clients’ homes by keeping work areas neat and tidy.
  • Existing Relationships With Local Builders and Architects: We understand construction methods and requirements to integrate nicely into any home.
  • Existing Safety and Support Infrastructure: Our thorough safety checks and after-service support demonstrate our commitment to quality experiences.

For exceptional TV wall mounting services in Bradford-on-Avon, call the team at Elite AV Services today on 0333 772 2013 to request your quote. Our friendly staff are ready to inspect your home and recommend the most suitable mounting solutions for your needs and budget.


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