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TV Wall Mounting in Westbury

Are you looking to mount your TV on the wall in your Westbury, Wiltshire home or business? A TV wall mount installation frees up space and achieves a modern, minimalist look by getting your TV off the entertainment unit. However, TV wall mounting can be tricky and risky if not done correctly. Don’t try tackling this yourself – leave it to the professionals at Elite AV Services.

With over 15 years of experience providing TV mounting services right here in Westbury, we have the expertise, equipment, and manpower to install your TV securely and professionally on walls of all materials. All our technicians are fully insured and background-checked for your peace of mind. From selecting the optimal mount and location to precision installation and cable management, we handle everything from start to finish for Westbury residents and businesses.

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TV Wall Mounting

Westbury’s TV Wall Mounting Experts

Why Choose Elite AV Services for Westbury TV Wall Mounting

When hiring a company to mount your TV or soundbar on the wall, it pays to choose an experienced specialist service you can trust, like Elite AV Services. Attempting a DIY TV wall mount risks damage, errors, safety issues, and subpar results. As leading Wiltshire AV technicians dedicated solely to mounting, our advantages include:

  • Tailored TV mount selections to suit your display type/size, viewing needs, and budget
  • 3D laser measuring and mapping for precision installation based on stud placement
  • Meticulous cable routing/hiding for seamless, professional results
  • Reinforced mounting onto all wall materials, including brick, concrete, timber stud, and drywall
  • Full AV system integration from surround sound to multi-display video walls
  • Post-install tuning and tweaking to optimise viewing angles/height

With a 5-star reputation earned from thousands of happy Wiltshire customers, you can trust Elite AV Services to handle your Westbury TV installation professionally.

Our TV Wall Mounting Process Explained

At Elite AV Services, we go above and beyond with a specialised 8-step process to install your TV securely, seamlessly, and professionally onto walls of any size and material.

  1. Consultation: We meet to examine your space, TV, ideal viewing height/positioning, and aesthetic preferences. Then, we suggest suitable wall mounts and locations.
  2. Quote: Next, we provide a full written quote outlining the recommended mount, additional AV equipment, labour and setup fees. There are never any hidden surprises.
  3. Mount & Equipment Supply: We supply all professional mounting brackets, cables, and accessories and help select complementary AV gear.
  4. Mapping: Our technicians use 3D mapping technology to scan your wall and map out studs, pipes, and wires. This enables ideal and secure mount placement.
  5. Wall Prep: We prepare the mounting area by clearing debris, inserting reinforcements, and marking the mount location.
  6. Mounting & Installation: Now the mount gets installed firmly onto the wall, followed by your TV slid into place and secured.
  7. Cable Management: Cables get neatly run through channels built into your mount and then hidden within the wall.
  8. Cleanup & Testing: Finally, we tidy the work area, test display functionality and optimise viewing angles before job completion.

Types of TV Wall Mounts We Offer

From articulated arms to tilting mounts to low-profile static options – the type of TV wall mount dictates your mobility, viewing flexibility, and how flush your display sits on the wall. At Elite AV Services Westbury, we offer professional installation of all modern TV mount styles to match your space, TV dimensions, aesthetic tastes, and budget. Our TV wall mounting brackets tick all the boxes for safety, durability and function.

Full Motion TV Mounts: Extendable arms tilt, pan, swivel, and retract for ultimate adjustability. Go from a recessed ultra-flush fit when not in use to pulling the display out at different angles as desired. Ideal for corner placements and large rooms.

Tilting TV Wall Mounts: Cost-effective and simpler, tilting mounts only allow you to angle your TV up or down post-installation. Perfect for fine-tuning a desired viewing angle.

Low Profile Static Mounts: These keep TVs pinned flat and tight to the wall with no mobility. Sleek and space-saving while preventing tampering.

Ceiling & Mantel Mounts: Display screens overhead suspended from ceilings or under cabinets with full motion capabilities. Allows placement above eye level.

We also handle multi-display video walls across banks of monitors equipped with specialised bracketry.

Why Hire Us for Your Westbury TV Mounting Project?

When only safe, specialised TV wall mounting will do for your treasured flatscreen in Westbury, turn to the experts at Elite AV Services. With over a decade of hands-on mounting experience across Wiltshire, you can be confident in our skills.

We are fully licensed, insured, and background-checked for complete credibility and assurance. Our individually crafted mounts are reinforced for utmost stability, sustainability, and TV security over years of use. Precision mapping technology combined with careful site planning allows flawless execution every time.

Each job comes with our unconditional satisfaction guarantee plus tailored advice to help select the optimal mounting systems for your needs and budget. Our valued customers love the personalised consultation, reasonable rates, expert installation, and responsive support we provide.

For bespoke TV wall mounts in Westbury installed promptly and properly at highly competitive prices – call Elite AV Services today at 0333 772 2013. Or request a free quote online now and let us elevate your viewing experience.

Contact Us for a TV Wall Mount Quote in Westbury

If you are convinced only the finest TV wall mounting from dedicated, specialist AV installers will suffice at your Westbury, Wiltshire property; it’s time to contact Elite AV Services for a customised quote.

Reaching us is quick and convenient through:

📞 Calling 0333 772 2013 to speak with an AV mounting expert

✉️ Sending an email query to contact@eliteav.services detailing your project specifications

👍 Using the online contact form with your installation requirements

Within one working day or less, we will respond with a competitively-priced quote for your ideal TV mount, including equipment, accessories, labour and setup, complete with installation date options subject to schedule availability.

We handle residential, commercial and trade TV wall mounting jobs of all sizes across Westbury plus surrounding areas of Wiltshire. From single TV installations to multi-display video walls, no job is too small or too big for our capable technicians.

Phone, email, or contact us online today to get started with your customised TV wall mounting quote backed by our satisfaction guarantee.


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