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TV Wall Mounting in Corsham

Are you looking to mount your TV on the wall in your Corsham home or business? TV wall mounting is an excellent way to save space and create a more immersive viewing experience. However, improperly mounting a TV can be dangerous and could result in damage or injury. Trust the TV mounting experts at Elite AV Services to install your TV in Corsham safely.

With over 15 years of experience providing TV mounting and AV services in the Corsham area, Elite AV Services has the skills, equipment, and expertise to mount TVs of any size on any wall surface properly. We are fully insured, and all of our technicians are background-checked for your peace of mind.

Our team stays up to date on the latest TV mounting techniques, equipment, and safety best practices. We have mounted TVs in all kinds of homes and offices across various wall types with specific client needs in mind. When you choose us for your TV wall mounting project, you can feel confident knowing that we have the experience to do the job right.

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TV Wall Mounting

Corsham’s TV Wall Mounting Experts

Elite Benefits of Professional TV Wall Mounting

TV wall mounting performed by our experienced technicians provides a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Optimal viewing angles and height tailored to your room
  • Hide unsightly cables and wires for a clean, streamlined look
  • Reduce risk of damage, injury, or falls with secure mounting
  • Adjustable articulated arms allow you to reposition the TV later
  • Access ports and cables easily, even after mounting

Safety First - Our TV Mounting Process

At Elite AV Services, your safety is our top priority. Here is an overview of our professional TV mounting process:

  1. Site Evaluation – We thoroughly evaluate your room, wall space, TV size and weight capacity to recommend the optimal mounting location and equipment.
  2. Install Mounting Equipment – We use only commercial-grade TV mounts designed to hold your television’s weight safely. The mount gets secured directly into wall studs.
  3. Mount TV – Your TV gets lifted into place by our technicians using safe lifting equipment to protect your investment. TV gets secured onto the mount per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  4. Cable Management – Cables and leads get neatly run and secured to eliminate trip hazards and keep connections accessible.
  5. Cleanup Workspace – When finished, we clean our workspace and haul away rubbish or recycling.
  6. Demonstrate and Adjust – We demonstrate how the articulating mount works and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal TV positioning for viewing angles.

TV Mounting Services Offered

Elite AV Services offers expert TV mounting services to homes and businesses located in Corsham and surrounding areas, including:

  • Living Room TV Mounting
  • Bedroom TV Mounting
  • Kitchen TV Mounting
  • Outdoor Patio TV Mounting
  • Office Building TV Mounting
  • Retail Store TV Mounting
  • Restaurant TV Mounting

We mount TVs of nearly any model, brand, or size ranging from small 24″ TVs up to large 85″ TVs or more. Our technicians can install your TV on nearly any wall surface material securely and attractively.

Contact us to discuss the best outdoor TV mounting solution for your unique installation requirements.

Why Choose Elite AV Services for Corsham TV Mounting?

When it comes time for your TV mounting project in Corsham, choose the professionals at Elite AV Services. Here are the top reasons we’re the top choice for TV wall mounting in Corsham:

  1. 15+ Years Experience, Specifically Mounting TVs
  2. Licensed, Warranted, Insured – Plus Background Checked Technicians
  3. 5-Star Reviews from Hundreds of Happy Corsham Customers
  4. Safe, Secure Installation Backed by Our No Mess Guarantee
  5. We Recycle All Packaging & Take Care of Permitting If Required

Contact Elite AV Services Today!

For the finest TV mounting services in Corsham, call Elite AV Services today at 0333 772 2013 or request a free quote online. Our experts are ready to provide you with the perfect TV wall mount installation so you can better enjoy entertainment in your home or business.


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