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Get Your TV Mounted on the Wall Professionally by Elite AV Services in Chippenham

Purchasing a new flat-screen TV is thrilling, but figuring out how to mount it properly on your wall can be an issue. You want your new television installed securely and positioned perfectly, but attempting DIY mounting risks damage to your wall or TV. The solution? Contact the professionals at Elite AV Services in Chippenham for stress-free TV wall mounting.

With over 25 years of experience providing flawless TV mounting and full home theatre installations in Chippenham, Wiltshire and beyond, Elite AV Services has the expertise to handle all your TV installation needs. Our highly trained technicians have mounted hundreds of televisions of all sizes and brands, from compact 32-inch screens to massive 85-inch screens and everything in between. Whether you need a TV installed in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office or commercial space, we can do it quickly and correctly.

Custom TV Mounting for Your Unique Needs 

Here is an overview of our tailored TV wall mounting process:

In-Home Consultation: We provide an in-depth consultation in your home. Our technician will inspect your wall, take precise measurements of your TV, identify optimal mounting locations based on room layout, seating and lighting, and locate studs to ensure secure installation. We’ll also make sure any cables will be neatly concealed.

TV Bracket Selection: We’ll recommend and install the perfect commercial-grade mounting bracket based on your TV size and weight. We use only the most durable, heavy-duty brackets to easily support your TV long-term without issues.

Professional Mounting: With care, we will install your TV onto the high-strength bracket, aligned and adjusted for the ideal viewing angle and height based on your space. You can relax knowing your TV will be perfectly positioned.

Cable Management: No messy hanging cables here! We’ll neatly and discreetly run all cables through your wall or conduit for a clean, sleek look.

TV Calibration: Our tech experts will professionally configure your TV’s picture settings like contrast, colour, brightness and more for optimal performance. We also set up universal remotes and smart TV features.

Tidy Installation Area: – No mess left behind! We remove all equipment bags and boxes, vacuum up dust and restore your space to its original pristine condition.

Service Guarantee: Our work comes with a minimum 1-year warranty. If any issue arises, we’ll promptly resolve it.

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