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TV Wall Mounting in Amesbury

Are you looking to mount your TV on the wall in Amesbury or the surrounding Wiltshire area? TV wall mounting can free up space, create a sleek, modern look, and provide optimal viewing angles. However, it’s important to have the job done properly by experienced technicians.
At Elite AV Services, we specialise in TV wall mounting services throughout Amesbury and all of Wiltshire. With over 15 years of experience mounting TVs of all shapes and sizes, you can trust us to do the job quickly, neatly, and affordably.

Our experienced technicians have mounted thousands of TVs in homes and businesses across the region. From offices and retail stores, to living rooms and kitchens, we’ve done it all. Whether you need a single TV mounted or multiple screens across an entire office space, Elite AV Services has the expertise to get the job done to the highest standard without any hassles. We handle everything, including selecting the appropriate mount, safely lifting and positioning your display, neatly hiding wires, and adjusting your TV to be optimally viewable from anywhere in the room. With outstanding attention to detail and client service, your satisfaction is guaranteed when you hire us for your Amesbury or Wiltshire TV installation needs.

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TV Wall Mounting

Amesbury‘s TV Wall Mounting Experts

Benefits of Professional TV Wall Mounting

Having your TV professionally mounted provides a range of benefits compared to doing it yourself:

  • Optimal viewing angles – We ensure your TV is tilted and positioned for the best view in your room. Poor angles can cause glare and neck strain.
  • Protect walls and cables – Our mounts protect your walls from damage and conceal wires cleanly for a streamlined look.
  • Safe and secure – We use mounts that can safely handle your TV’s weight and are securely bolted into wall studs. This prevents accidents and falls.
  • Future adjustments – Our installation allows effortless tilting, swivelling and height adjustments of your TV down the road.

Our TV Wall Mounting Process

When you book Elite AV Services for Amesbury TV wall mounting, you can expect the following:

  1. Site Consultation: We examine your space, TV, and preferred mounting location to plan the perfect installation. Mounting over the fireplace? On brick, drywall or plaster walls? We’ve seen it all in Amesbury homes and know how to handle any challenge.
  2. Customised Solution
  3. Based on the consultation, we recommend the best mounting system from our wide selection of TV wall mounts. We offer fixed and tilting/articulating arms, extending arms for optimal viewing angles, and more.
  4. Professional Installation
  5. We use protective floor and wall coverings on installation day for a clean, damage-free job. You can relax as we safely lift your TV and install the mount securely into wall studs and cinderblocks where applicable. Cable management is cleanly tucked away.
  6. TV Mounting Final Touches We’ll walk you through adjusting viewing angles and using your new articulating mount. Plus, we clean up thoroughly afterwards, leaving your space neater than when we arrived!

Why Choose Elite AV Services for Amesbury TV Wall Mounting?

When hiring professionals for TV mounting, choosing a reliable, experienced team is vital. Here’s why to trust Elite AV Services in Amesbury and throughout Wiltshire:

  • Over 15 years of experience mounting thousands of TVs
  • 5-star rated with outstanding customer reviews
  • Fully insured and background-checked technicians
  • Manufacturer-certified and trained
  • We clean up thoroughly – your home’s protection is paramount
  • Fair, reasonable pricing – no hidden fees!

For exceptional TV mounting services from a team you can trust, choose Elite AV Services to get the job done right.

Contact us today for your free estimate! We serve all of Amesbury and towns throughout Wiltshire.

Frequently Asked TV Wall Mounting Questions

For residents of Amesbury and Wiltshire considering a custom TV wall mount install, some common questions arise. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked queries about professional TV mounting:

  • How much weight can the mounts hold?

We use heavy-duty mounts that can hold anywhere from 13 to 60 Kgs, ensuring it can safely handle your TV’s weight. We always factor in a wide margin of safety.

  • Do you need to drill holes into my wall?

In most cases, we anchor the mount securely into wall studs, which requires drilling. For brick, concrete or mantel mounting, specialised hardware ensures safety.

  • Do the cables stay visible, or do you hide them?

We neatly conceal cables and route them to minimise visibility. With in-wall wiring kits for a 100% hidden look, wires can disappear entirely into the wall cavity.

  • What about protecting walls and floors during the installation?

We use felt pads on the feet/base of mounts to protect walls and floors. During installation, drop cloths and corner guards ensure zero wall damage from the mount arms or power tools.

  • Do wall mounts allow adjusting the TV later on?

Many of our wall mounts feature articulating or tilting arms, allowing effortless adjustability. We ensure ideal viewing angles upfront and the ability to tweak positions later as needed.

  • Do you mount on all wall types? Drywall, brick, plaster and more?

Elite AV Services has extensive experience mounting TVs on all common wall types found in Amesbury homes and businesses. Using specialised hardware, this includes drywall, brick, concrete, stucco, plaster, and mantels/fireplaces.

  • Interested in Learning More?

For more information about our professional TV wall mounting services in Amesbury, call Elite AV Services today at 0333 772 2013. Our skilled technicians serve residential and commercial clients throughout Amesbury and greater Wiltshire. We also provide other AV services like home theatre installation, projector mounting and motorised screen installation throughout the region. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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