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TV Aerial Installation in Malmesbury

Get Crystal Clear TV Reception with Elite AV’s TV Aerial Installation Services in Malmesbury

Do you live in or around Malmesbury and want better TV reception in your home? Upgrading to a new TV aerial installation can make a massive difference in the quality and reliability of your TV signal. Elite AV Services provides expert aerial installations to homes in Malmesbury and the surrounding areas.

With over 25 years of experience providing TV aerial and audio-visual installation services, Elite AV Service has the knowledge and expertise to get your TV reception working perfectly. We are locally based in Malmesbury, so we understand the reception issues homeowners in this area commonly encounter. We know exactly what type of aerial is needed and where it should be positioned to get the strongest digital signal.

Jane Ward
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Chris came to fix our TV to the wall. He was excellent. Prompt and professional and found the perfect solution for a tricky spot involving lots of wires in the wall. Highly recommend.
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Having wall-mounted a new tv for us in a very awkward alcove, Chris then returned to sort out our aerial reception. He discussed the options and relative costs at each stage, so we were clear about what was being done. Chris is prompt and polite, does a thorough job with great attention to detail, and leaves everything neat and tidy.
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Chris did a great job on mounting our 50" TV in our new build home and was open to help with suggestions on placement in our living room. Left things very tidy afterwards and despite an issue with our internal walls managed to come up with a quick solution to solve the problem. Very friendly and chatty with our 2yr old daughter who was very inquisitive too!!
Victoria Ortengren
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Chris mounted a 55” TV for us on an internal plasterboard wall and also fed the cable through the wall to plug into a socket on the other side of the wall. The finished job looks amazing and Chris left our flat in perfect condition. He was responsive, professional, and did the job quickly (but taking care to ensure it was done correctly). Would highly recommend.

There are many reasons homeowners need new aerials installed, including:

  • Poor reception on some or all channels
  • No reception at all for specific channels
  • Interference or static on the picture
  • Signal breakup during bad weather
  • Wanting better HD picture quality
  • Needing more capacity for extra channels

Upgrading from an old analogue aerial to a wideband digital aerial can solve all of these issues. A new TV aerial enables your TV to pick up the latest digital broadcasts clearly, giving you access to more free-to-air HD channels and extra features like digital radio stations.

Elite AV Service takes care of your entire aerial installation project from start to finish. The benefits of choosing our experienced aerial technicians include:

Fully Certified Installers

Our installers are fully certified by industry bodies, including the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries), so they adhere to the latest industry standards and regulations. We only use qualified technicians who are background-checked for your safety and peace of mind.

High-Quality Products

We only install high-quality products from leading brands we trust to deliver outstanding performance and longevity. Our installers can advise on the best digital aerial and accessories that are optimal for your home’s needs and budget.

Comprehensive Signal Testing

We thoroughly test TV signal strength throughout your property before installation. After installing your new aerial, we conduct extensive tests on all aerial outlets to ensure you get the maximum number of channels and the clearest picture resolution on every device.

For your convenience, we can install your new TV aerial on the same day that it is booked, subject to availability. This means you can have your new aerial up and working in no time.

Expert Local Knowledge
Having installed hundreds of TV aerials across Wiltshire and the surrounding counties, we know the local geography and how it impacts TV signals in the Malmesbury area. We’ll use our local expertise so you get the maximum signal strength for your home.

Affordable Pricing
While providing a premium service, we aim to keep our digital aerial installations affordable for most budgets and offer competitive prices with no hidden charges. Contact us for a customised quote.

After installing your aerial, you can always call us at no extra cost for any additional questions or troubleshooting needs while under warranty. We provide exceptional customer service.

For high-performance aerials installed by experts, choose the trusted local installers at Elite AV Service to get your home’s TV reception working flawlessly.

Many factors determine what type of TV aerial works best to provide strong TV signals at your home, including:

Digital vs Analogue

Analogue aerials transmit the old analogue signal that has now been discontinued. If your aerial is old enough, you are likely required to upgrade to a digital aerial, which can pick up the new digital broadcasts – providing you with better-quality high-definition channels.

Amplified vs Passive

Passive aerials are non-powered and have no signal booster, whereas amplified aerials have a low noise amplifier at the aerial which boosts the TV signal it receives for improved performance – necessary in areas with poor reception strength. Our aerial installers will advise which is best suited for your home.

Omnidirectional vs Directional

Omnidirectional aerials receive signals from all directions, providing the most universal coverage. Directional aerials are pointed in a single direction toward the closest transmitter, making them more sensitive to picking up the strongest signal from that location. Location and signal testing help determine which is right for you.


Most modern digital channels are transmitted on the UHF frequency band rather than VHF. Most aerial installations now use UHF antennas or all-band antennas designed to receive UHF and VHF signals, giving you the greatest flexibility to access all channels.

Height and Placement

The higher your aerial is installed, the better, as this increases its transmission “line of sight”. We will inspect your roof and factor in existing chimneys and satellite dishes to determine the optimal placement of your new aerial for a reliable signal.


Local terrain, like hills and tall structures, can impact reception and signal strength. Nearby sources of electrical interference from phone towers may also influence which external aerial works best at your property.

When you choose Elite AV Services to install your new TV aerial, you can expect the highest standard of products and workmanship as we manage your entire project from start to finish.

Our aerial installation service includes:

  • An initial site survey to inspect your home and roof space and provide different antenna recommendations based on your location, viewing habits and budget.
  • Providing all necessary cabling, connectors, digital transmitter boxes and accessories for a complete installation. All of our equipment is from premium brands and covered by manufacturer warranty.
  • Securely mount your antenna mast and new aerial in the optimum position on your roof, pointed toward the transmitter for the best reception quality. The aerial will be grounded and weatherproofed.
  • Run cables neatly through your roof space and drill access holes from outside the house for a tidy installation finish. Cables are threaded through protective conduit piping to avoid damage.
  • Connect the aerial lead-in cable to your antenna wall plate outlets in various rooms via your existing or new cabling pathways if required.
  • Completely tune and test the aerial on all TV outlets throughout the house to guarantee you reliably receive the maximum available free-to-air channels at the highest clarity.
  • Providing guidance on scanning for channels and operating your new aerial system.
  • Clean up thoroughly afterwards, both internally and externally, around the installation site, and remove all debris from your home.

Every installation from Elite AV Services is backed by our warranty and premium after-sales support. You can call, email or text us anytime for assistance relating to your aerial or AV set-up.
We’ll also be happy to return and readjust your aerial alignment if needed in future due to high winds or other factors causing interference. Location fine-tuning is often required as obstacles grow taller over time in the surrounding area.

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