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What Tradesman Puts a TV on the Wall

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Television, TV Wall Mounting

Installing a Wall Mounted Television

Installing a wall-mounted television can completely transform the aesthetic of your living room or bedroom. While a TV on the wall creates a clean, modern look, you want to ensure it is securely and properly mounted. Hiring the right professional for the job is vital. But what tradesman is best suited for mounting a TV on the wall? Let’s take a deeper look.

The AV Installer: The Go-To Expert

Undoubtedly, you’ll want to hire an experienced Audio-Visual (AV) installer or technician to mount a television on a wall. These tradespeople specialise in installing, maintaining, and repairing AV equipment. When it comes to something as crucial as securely fastening your expensive TV to the wall, you need an expert.

AV installers have extensive knowledge of all wall types, mounting brackets, safety protocols, and cable management techniques. They have the proper tools and hardware for various TV brands and models. An AV tech can expertly locate studs, use lag bolts and anchors appropriately, and ensure your TV is perfectly level and stable once installed.

Equally important, an AV installer can cleanly hide and organise cables so no messy cables are protruding from your mounted TV. This clean cable management is a hallmark of a professional job. Safety is also paramount, and AV installers are trained to mount TVs to minimise the risk of the unit falling or loosening over time.

In short, AV installation pros have the skill, equipment and experience to get your TV wall mount done correctly. Their expertise removes the guesswork and provides peace of mind.

When You Might Need Other Tradesmen

While an AV installer should be your primary professional for mounting a TV, certain situations may call for bringing in other tradespeople:

  • Electrician – If you need new wiring or outlets installed near where your TV will be mounted, you’ll need an electrician. They can safely run cables through walls and ensure your TV has proper electrical hookups.
  • Handyman – For basic mounts that don’t require wiring adjustments, an experienced handyperson may be capable of safely installing your TV bracket. Ensure they are comfortable working at heights and have the right tools.
  • Painters – You should touch up and repaint the wall area around your TV after it’s mounted to cover any holes or marks. Painters can blend repairs for a seamless look.

Tips for Hiring the Right AV Installer

To ensure your TV mount is done correctly, keep these tips in mind when hiring your AV installer:

  • Check reviews and get referrals to find reputable, experienced AV installers in your area.
  • Verify they have expertise with your specific TV size and brand.
  • Ask about their mounting techniques for your type of wall (drywall, brick, etc.).
  • Get a written quote beforehand so you know the expected total cost.
  • Inquire about insurance – it should fully cover any damages or accidents.
  • Request photos of past AV installation jobs to see their work.

Your TV is a significant investment that should be treated with care. Hiring a qualified, experienced AV installation professional lets you relax, knowing your television will be securely mounted for an optimal viewing experience.



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