What Is A Motorised Satellite Dish

Satellite dishes have come a long way since the eighties. Back in the day getting clear and consistent TV reception was very much a hit-or-miss affair. Satellite dishes were extremely sensitive and constantly needed to be adjusted and repaired.

Thankfully, modern satellite dishes are much more heavy-duty and reliable with new technological developments improving TV reception in homes across the nation. Over the past few years, motorized satellite dishes have become popular with those looking for the very next reception for their home.

So, What Is A Motorised Satellite Dish?

A motorised satellite dish is a high-quality development from the traditional satellite dish model. A satellite dish with a motor however adds extra mobility to the equation. You can use the motor on a satellite dish to change the direction the dish is facing. This helps to provide more range and increase your satellite TV reception and range of content.

If you currently struggle with poor reception and a limited number of broadcast channels a motorised satellite dish could be the answer to your problems. You can discover new channels constantly and easily adjust the dish until your find excellent quality reception for your home.

How Do Motorised Satellite Dishes Work?

A motorized satellite dish functions at a base level just as a traditional dish does. A signal from a satellite dish hits the dish (or reflector) and heads down the feed horn. The LNB then converts the signal and sends it down to the receiver inside your home. From this receiver, signals are sent directly to your TV and your favourite shows are displayed on the screen.

But the experience is enhanced with a motorized satellite dish. You can use the controls to adjust the satellite to access the best reception for different satellites and move your satellite to get the best picture depending on what channel you want to watch.

And all you need to support this enhanced functioning is a coaxial cable, no extra external power supply is needed.

Can I Pick up Foreign Channels Using a Motorised Satellite Dish?

A motorised satellite dish is capable of picking up more channels than a normal static dish. In some areas, you may be able to pick up on channels in foreign countries. In the south, it may be possible to pick up TV signals from France, and Germany. If you live further north, then you may need a bigger and more powerful dish to access foreign TV channels in your home.

How to Choose the Best Motorised Satellite Dish for Your Home?

If you are interested in enhancing your TV reception and increasing the number of channels your home can pick up, then get in touch with Elite AV Services today. We will talk through the different options for motorized satellite dishes with you and can also arrange for a quick, efficient, and secure installation on your property.

Get in Touch Today to Discover How We Can Help to Improve the TV Reception in your Home.

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