TV Wall Mounting, Kidlington, Oxford

TV Wall Mounting Oxford

For this customer in Doynton Poyle, near Oxford, we installed a 55″ LG OLED TV screen onto the chimney breast. We supplied a flat to the wall type bracket for that streamlined look. The customer didn’t want any cables showing on the face of the breast, so we managed to chase the wall and embed the cables within. At a later date, there will be a fixed cupboard in the alcove to hide the SkyQ box, sound amp, etc. For now, we used some trunking to hide those cables in the alcove. We ran 2 HDMI cables along with an optical audio cable, ethernet and extended power cable.

The following photos show how the finished job looks along with some step by step photos. For those who are interested in our TV Wall Mounting service, then please see our page or contact us directly for more information.

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