TV Wall Mount, Coombe Dingle, Bristol

So today, we had to install a 42″ TV on to the wall, as it was previously standing on a media unit and the family had a baby that was just starting to walk and they were concerned for the baby touching the screen and to also be able to get rid of the media unit and have the TV floating on the wall without any cables showing either.

So – here is a walk through of how we carried out the installation and embedded the cables into the wall.

After removing the media unit, this is how much room was created in the living room and as you can see the radiator is now exposed, so a double bonus.
We then measured up the exact place for the bracket and its then, when we started to cut the wall, we found that there were beams blocking the way down. We literally had to cut horizontally across using a padsaw until we got the vertical drop in the corner.
Here you can see we had to chase up to the plug socket. (Don’t ask why the socket was that high)
Power cable and aerial cable now embedded into the wall and roughly plastered over.
Skimmed over with plaster again and sponged down and now the TV is connected and hung on to the wall.
Final installation now waiting for the plaster to set before it can be rubbed down nice and smooth and have the paint applied.

So, if you live in the Bristol area and have a TV screen that needs to be installed on the wall with cables hidden, then why not give us a call on 07593817203 or email us on info@eliteav.service anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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