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The Key Benefits of Using a Professional Aerial Installer

Installing a TV aerial, satellite dish or antenna on your property can be a challenging DIY project. Using a professional TV aerial installer is highly recommended for several key reasons. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring an expert for your aerial or satellite installation.

Safety First

Safety is one of the biggest perks of using a professional aerial company. TV aerials, satellite dishes and antennas need to be installed at height to achieve the best signal. This usually means mounting them on the roof, chimney or high points on the exterior walls. Installing them securely at height can be dangerous without the right equipment and know-how.

Professionals have extensive experience working at height. They use safety harnesses, anchors, ropes and other gear to complete the job safely without risk of falls or injuries. They also know how to use ladders appropriately and set up safe work zones before starting the installation. Safety should be the number one priority, so it’s worth paying a professional to do it right.

Expert Installation for Optimal Signal

Achieving the best TV, radio and internet signal relies on the aerial or dish being positioned and aligned precisely. Factors like nearby buildings, trees and other structures can interfere with signal quality if the installation is slightly off. Professionals use specialised tools and signal meters to ensure components are aligned perfectly to access the strongest signal available.

Doing it yourself with basic tools means you could end up with a weak signal and pixelated picture quality. Worse still, installing them incorrectly could damage the equipment or cables. Hiring an expert ensures everything is aligned, installed and connected optimally for superior signal quality without any errors.

Quality Equipment and Cabling

Another advantage of professional installers is that they use high-quality materials from reputable brands. Equipment like masts, mounts, amplifiers and cables must be weatherproof and capable of withstanding wind, rain and other outdoor conditions for years. Professionals only use gear and cabling designed for longevity in harsh environments.

DIY aerial components purchased from general hardware stores could fail shortly after installation. Cables with inadequate weatherproofing could short out, while flimsy masts and mounts may not handle strong winds. Paying a little more for a pro installer provides peace of mind that all equipment and cabling will last.

Aerial and Satellite Expertise

There are always new advancements in aerial, antenna and satellite dish technologies. The latest gear is engineered to be smaller, providing better signal, clearer picture quality, and more content options. Professional installation technicians stay on top of the latest developments and have extensive hands-on expertise in installing diverse equipment.

Their experience and aerial/satellite knowledge mean they can guide the best options for your needs and budget. They know which gear will work with your home’s structural setup, signal environment and viewing requirements. DIYers often buy equipment that turns out to be incompatible or underpowered. The expert advice provided by pros saves you from expensive mistakes.

Additional Services as Needed

Reputable professional aerial installers also provide other optional services that may be needed for a complete TV, internet and digital radio setup. This includes new cabling routed into the home to outlets, configuring internet modems and routers for cable internet, and installing TV mounts and home theatre audio systems.

Many DIYers do not realise they need to run additional cabling inside the walls or configure internet equipment until after installing the outdoor gear. This requires extra work tearing down and patching walls later on. Pros can take care of any ancillary installation tasks in one seamless job. All you need to do is enjoy watching or streaming!

Saving Time and Effort

Speaking of enjoyment, hiring aerial installation pros ultimately saves you time and effort. Climbing onto the roof, installing masts and dishes at height, threading cables and configuring internet equipment takes skill and patience the average homeowner does not have. And who wants to risk their safety for the sake of saving money?

Professional installers have streamlined systems to complete the job efficiently in the shortest possible time frame. You avoid spending days struggling with confusing instructions, specialised equipment and dangerous situations. Consider the benefits of your schedule by hiring a pro to take care of it in just a few hours.

Warranties and Guarantees

Professional installation services provide invaluable peace of mind through warranties and satisfaction guarantees. Reputable companies offer guarantees covering their gear and workmanship for years after installing the equipment. This acts as insurance if any failures or issues occur due to errors on their part.

DIY installations usually will not carry any such protections. Any arising problems end up costing you additional money and effort to fix. With professionals, you make a call, and they come out to resolve it free of charge. Guarantees give you confidence that nothing will go wrong down the track.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Finally, pro aerial installers also provide ongoing tech support and maintenance services. If you ever experience signal issues or need assistance using advanced equipment features, call them for quick help troubleshooting and resolving problems. They can also perform yearly maintenance checks to keep your system working perfectly.

DIY installs often lead to headaches and confusion when things go wrong. You end up researching endless forums looking for answers without guaranteeing success. Professional installers act as an expert support resource for the lifetime of your aerial or satellite equipment.

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