Aerial Installation, Cyncoed, Cardiff

This TV aerial was damaged in the recent storm and was laying on the roof but luckily the mast and bracket survived. So, we fitted a new LP45 TV aerial to the mast and ran a cable to 2 rooms for Freeview.

If your TV aerial has been damaged or come down in the bad weather or you are generally looking for a new TV aerial installation around the Cardiff area, then give us a call on 07593 817203.

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Aerial Installation, Southville, Bristol

Here we have a mid terrced house in Southville which had an old aerial, years old fitted on a 20 foot pole. It was not working and became worse in reception over the years. So, we took down the existing rig and repalces it with an LP45 aerial, a 6 foot mast and a chimney bracket. The aerial was installed facing the ‘Ilchester Crescent’ transmitter. Cable was run down to 1 TV point in the living room.

Chimney cradle and lashing secured to the chimney stack.
All ready to have the aerial and mast fitted/
1 TV aerial fully fitted and installed to the chimney.

Notice how the aerial is tilted in a vertical position? This is because the transmitter it is facing, is a relay transmitter but still offers a full Freeview package.

If you need an aerial fitted for Freeview because your existing one is damaged or not working properly, then give us a call on 07593817203 or get your free quote from the webiste @ Aerial Installation Bristol

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Aerial Installation, Grangetown, Cardiff

Interesting TV aerial installation today in Grangetown. This semi detached property is in fact 2 shared houses. There was originally an aerial rig for each side of the building but they had been up there for many years and the wind brought them down recently. So in this case, we thought it would be easier and more attractive to supply 2 independant TV aerials but use just the 1 mast and aerial fixing bracket drilled into the chinney stack.

New aerials fitted and existing cables were usued, as these were previously ran internally and wern’t exposed to the bad weathers. Both aerials installed and aligned to the Wenvoe mast for a full Freeview TV package.

2x LP45 TV aerial set up on the ground.
6″ x 6″ galvanised aerial wall bracket drilled to the chimney.
Both TV aerials sitting pretty in their new home on the chimney.
View of the aerial installation from ground level.

If your TV aerial has been damaged in the wind or bad weather, or maybe you are just looking for a new installation to watch the local Freeview channels, then you can call us anytime on 07593817203 or you can contact us through our webpage @ Aerial Installation Cardiff

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Aerial Installation, Cyncoed, Cardiff

Simple little job today in Cyncoed – We had to remove an old existing busted TV aerial that had come down in the wind and bad weather. The existing TV aerial was fitted poorly on the gutter weather board, which had become rotten, and in turn the aerial bracket fixing became dislodged.

So we supplied and fitted what is called an LP45 TV aerial and fitted it to a simple J mast but this time it was fitted into the masonry for a more secure fixing. The existing cable was in tact, so this was re-used and installation made cheaper for the customer.

Here is picture of the final TV aerial installation.

LP45, J mast fitted to the wall.
BT Vision box retuned and now recieving the full Freeview package.

If your aerial has come down in the bad weather and you need a replacent installation, then call us on 07593817203 or get a quote online @ Aerial Installation Cardiff

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Aerial Installation, St Mellons, Cardiff

Straight forward aerial job here in St Mellons. Old aerial had come down in the storms, so a replacement was now required.

We supplied a new LP45 aerial, 6 foot mast, chimney bracket and lashing. The aerial system was fitted up on the chimney and we ran a new cable to the living room TV.

New chimney bracket and lashing kit. Notice the clamped guy wire.
Final picture of the TV aerial installation from ground view, looking pretty in the sun.

We cover St Mellons on a dily basis but also cover the whole of the Cardiff area including the valleys. So call us on 07593817203 for a free quote or you can enquire on the website @ Aerial Installation Cardiff

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