Aerial Installation, Cyncoed, Cardiff

This TV aerial was damaged in the recent storm and was laying on the roof but luckily the mast and bracket survived. So, we fitted a new LP45 TV aerial to the mast and ran a cable to 2 rooms for Freeview.

If your TV aerial has been damaged or come down in the bad weather or you are generally looking for a new TV aerial installation around the Cardiff area, then give us a call on 07593 817203.

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Telephone Extension, Pontprennau, Cardiff

This customer had an existing BT extension socket in the hallway but was hanging off the wall and had an unsightly cable running across the hallway into the living connected to the router.
Today, we removed the socket and old cabling and ran a brand new cable from the BT incoming junction box outside and clipped it externally and then drilled into the living room and mounted the socket to the wall.

External junction box and cables ran to living room where the extension socket was reloccted.

The best bit! Nice fast broadband 🙂
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TV Wall Mount, Pontprennau, Cardiff

Here we have a 55″ flat screen TV that the customer wanted mounted on the chimney breast and decided to later on get rid of the old TV unit and replace with a nice taller rustic wooden cabinet. This would house his SkyQ and Sonos Cube. This customer also decided that he would like to go out and purchase a soundbar, so the plan was for us to install the cables ready in anticipation of that and we would go back to fit the soundbar.

This is the chimney breast wall before we started the work.

Flat type TV wall bracket fitted to the wall using core fix fixings as the wall was plasterboard dot and dab.

Work commences of cutting holes in the wall and starting to feed the cables through.

Finished product – 1 TV mounted on the wall and we have used a brush outlet plate to tidy up the finish ready for the customer to lightly sand the plaster and touch up the paint colour.

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TV Wall Mount, Radyr Cardiff

This customer in Radyr, Cardiff has a 55″ TV on an old glass shelf unit but has a baby who just learnt to crawl, so wanted some safety by having his TV mounted to the wall out of the babies reach! Yes, the Xbox and Freeview box are still shown on the floor but the customer is now off out to find a unit to house the Xbox etc and cover the not so attractive plate on the wall.

Out with the old and up goes the new flat wall mounting bracket!

And here is the TV wall mounted with some trunking to disguise the cables, waiting for the customer to hide the media plate and house the Xbox etc in a nice cabinet.

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TV Wall Mount, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff

So, on a new develpment in Cardiff, we were asked to install 2x TV screens to the wall and hide the cables. In the living room was a 65″ Sony Bravia OLED TV and a Harmen Karden sound bar that had to be wall mounted with cables embedded in the wall . The customer had SkyQ connected to this screen.

In the snug, we fitted the 50″ Samsung TV, a sound bar and a SkyQ minibox on a shelf. This room had trunking fitted to the wall as it was a short direct route down to the mains socket.

Living room wall where the TV was to be wall mounted.
Flat to the wall bracket securely fitted using the correct fixings.
Here we start the route for the cable hiding.
2x 5 metre HDMI cable and power pulled through.
This shows the complete route from mains socket to TV location.
Supplied fittings for the sound bar. Cables ready.
Volia! TV and sound bar fitted to the wall.
Distant shot showing the TV and sub, and SkyQ box. Holes plastered waiting for the next visit where we will sand and apply the finishing touch.

Second TV installation…

TV fitted to the wall with sound bar and shelf for SkyQ box. Short length of trunking fitted underneath to hide the cables.

For anyone who needs a TV wall mounted in Cardiff or locally with nice tidy job done hiding cables, then get in touch with us on 07593817203 or you can contact us on the website @ TV Wall Mounting Cardiff

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Aerial Installation, Grangetown, Cardiff

Interesting TV aerial installation today in Grangetown. This semi detached property is in fact 2 shared houses. There was originally an aerial rig for each side of the building but they had been up there for many years and the wind brought them down recently. So in this case, we thought it would be easier and more attractive to supply 2 independant TV aerials but use just the 1 mast and aerial fixing bracket drilled into the chinney stack.

New aerials fitted and existing cables were usued, as these were previously ran internally and wern’t exposed to the bad weathers. Both aerials installed and aligned to the Wenvoe mast for a full Freeview TV package.

2x LP45 TV aerial set up on the ground.
6″ x 6″ galvanised aerial wall bracket drilled to the chimney.
Both TV aerials sitting pretty in their new home on the chimney.
View of the aerial installation from ground level.

If your TV aerial has been damaged in the wind or bad weather, or maybe you are just looking for a new installation to watch the local Freeview channels, then you can call us anytime on 07593817203 or you can contact us through our webpage @ Aerial Installation Cardiff

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Aerial Installation, St Mellons, Cardiff

Straight forward aerial job here in St Mellons. Old aerial had come down in the storms, so a replacement was now required.

We supplied a new LP45 aerial, 6 foot mast, chimney bracket and lashing. The aerial system was fitted up on the chimney and we ran a new cable to the living room TV.

New chimney bracket and lashing kit. Notice the clamped guy wire.
Final picture of the TV aerial installation from ground view, looking pretty in the sun.

We cover St Mellons on a dily basis but also cover the whole of the Cardiff area including the valleys. So call us on 07593817203 for a free quote or you can enquire on the website @ Aerial Installation Cardiff

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Fransat Installation, Pontypridd, Cardiff

Here we had a French customer who wanted to watch Fransat in his home. He didn’t know this was available but he called us to enquire and we ran him through the options that were available.

He opted to go for Fransat, as it had all the regional French channels that he was used to receiving back in France. Channels like TF1, France2 and M6 to name but a few. Even better, these channels are also avaialble in HD (High Definition) and they’re free!

So, to supply this system, we provided a 60 CM satellite dish and installed it on to the front wall pointing towards Atlantic Bird satellite for the French package.

Inside the property, we fitted a small satellite reciever that connected to the TV and a remote so he could choose and change the channels.

View of the dish from the front of the property
View from the rear showing the cable clipped down behind the drain pipe

If you are interested in French TV with a single one-off payment, then do give us a call on 07593817203 or you can message us on our webpage @ Fransat Installation Cardiff

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TV Wall Mount, Butetown, Cardiff

Here, we were requested to install 2 x TV screens to the wall. A 50″ TV in the living room and a 32″ TV in the bedroom.

The living room TV was fitted to a flat wall bracket and cables were embedded in the wall, and the TV that was fitted in the bedroom, was fitted to a full motion brackets, both supplied by us.

tv wall mounting bracket
Flat TV wall bracket.
tv fitted to the wall
TV fitted to the wall, nice and level.
finished product with hidden cables and wires
Finished product without cables showing.
cantilever bracket in bedroom
Full motion cantilever bracket fitted in bedroom.
option to keep against the wall
With the option to keep against the wall when not in use.

We can install any size of flat screen TV, anywhere in Cardiff and South Wales, We can also supply any type of bracket and offer a wide range of solutions to cover the ugly cables.

Get in touch with us on 07593817203 or you can drop a message online through our webpage @ TV Wall Mounting Cardiff

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