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With over 25 years of experience providing AV services in Swindon, Elite AV Services has the expertise, equipment and training to safely and securely mount your TV on the wall. Our fully certified installation technicians will ensure your expensive TV is handled with care and installed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing while meeting the highest safety standards.

Having a TV mounted on the wall is an excellent way to save space and create a stylish, modern look in your home. However, TV wall mounting can be a challenging DIY project if you don’t have experience with electrical work and drilling into walls. Hiring a professional AV company like Elite AV Services Swindon for your TV wall mounting needs is wise.

Benefits of Professional TV Wall Mounting

Having Elite AV Services mount your TV on the wall provides numerous benefits compared to doing it yourself, such as:

  • Perfectly straight and level installation for optimal viewing. We use spirit levels and measurements to mount your TV in the exact spot on your wall.
  • Hidden cable management for a clean, professional look without messy cables hanging down. We neatly run cables through your wall and conceal them.
  • Reduced risk of property damage or personal injuries. Our experienced technicians know how to properly locate and drill into wall studs without puncturing pipes or wires.
  • TV is securely anchored to prevent falls. We use high-strength mounts and anchors to hold screen weights over 70 Kgs. Your TV will not fall off the wall.
  • On-site TV mounting consultation. We provide recommendations on optimal mounting height and location during an in-home consultation. 
  • Post-installation TV calibration. After mounting it, we will calibrate your TV’s settings to optimise the picture quality.

The Elite Service Experience

You’ll receive a professional, customer-focused service experience when you first contact Elite AV Services. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free on-site consultations at your home or business to survey your space, discuss mounting options and provide a written estimate.
  • Clear communication throughout the process. We alert you to any issues that arise and provide progress updates.
  • Meticulous preparation and wall protection before mounting. We cover surfaces with dust sheets and use felt pads on mount contacts.
  • System testing after installation to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • TV viewing angle adjustments are made upon request. We will reposition mounts to optimise your viewing angle.
  • Affordable pricing with no hidden fees. The estimate you receive upfront is the final price you pay.
  • Convenient booking times, including after work hours and weekends by request.
  • Attention to small details, such as neatly arranging cables and cleaning away dust or debris after the installation.
  • 1-year warranty as standard on installation. We assure you that no issues will arise post-installation.

High-Quality TV Mounts Used

The quality of the mount used significantly impacts the safety and security of your TV installation. Elite AV Services only uses TV mounts from the most trusted brands that meet rigorous safety certifications. We offer:

  • Low profile, flat, tilting and full motion articulated mounts to meet your needs
  • Heavy-duty mounts capable of holding 100 Kg+ TVs
  • Lockable mounts to deter theft
  • LED bias lighting that reduces eye strain 
  • Curved wall mounts to safely install your TV in corners

Mounting Options for Any Space

Whether you want your TV mounted above a fireplace mantel or recessed into a wall, Elite AV Services has innovative mounting solutions to accommodate your unique space, including:

  • Articulating arm mounts that pull TVs away from walls or ceilings
  • Peerless-AV ultra-thin recessed mounts for a floating look
  • MantelMount that lowers TVs safely over fireplaces
  • Floating shelves and wall frameworks for seamless custom mounts

For new construction, we offer in-wall power and HDMI outlets for the cleanest mounted TV setup possible. Our team will work closely with your electrician and contractors during the building phase to prepare your space.

Don’t Risk Damaging Your TV – Call the Professionals

TV wall mounting looks simple but is a complex process best left to experts. DIY mounting risks damaging your drywall, missing studs, or puncturing electrical cables/water pipes when not done correctly. Don’t jeopardise your family’s safety – trust the experienced professionals at Elite AV Services Swindon to mount your TV securely and perfectly positioned for optimal viewing.

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