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TV Wall Mounting in Cwmbran

Elite AV Services has provided top-quality TV wall mounting services in Cwmbran for over 25 years. Our experienced technicians have mounted hundreds of TVs of all sizes on different-material walls. We handle the entire process professionally – from assessing your wall type and ideal TV location, selecting the appropriate mounting hardware, safely mounting your TV, and keeping all cables organised and hidden to ensure the TV is perfectly balanced and secure on the wall.

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Professional TV Wall Mounting

  • We use heavy-duty mounts to support up to 85 inches and 80 kg TVs. This keeps your expensive TV secure and prevents it from falling off the wall.
  • Our technicians will find the TV’s studs in the wall and use high-quality fixings to fasten the mount securely. This provides much more robust support compared to just using drywall anchors.
  • We perfectly centre the TV mount so your TV is balanced and aesthetically pleasing when mounted. 
  • We supply wall mounts that can be tilted downward or swivelled for optimum viewing angles. We’ll help adjust it for maximum comfort.
  • We organise and hide cables at the back of the mount for a clean, streamlined look—no messy cables hanging below your TV.
  • We can mount TVs on all wall types – plasterboard, brick and concrete. Our mount selections are suitable for each.
  • We also install mains sockets and TV outlets near the mount if needed for plugging in devices.
  • Our service has a standard satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty.

Don’t risk damaging your walls or TV – get Elite AV Services to professionally handle your flat-screen TV mounting in Cwmbran. We also provide many other AV services, such as TV aerial installation and Sky TV services. Contact us today for a quote!


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