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Are you looking to wall mount your new flat-screen TV in Bridgend? Look no further than Elite AV Services for professional TV wall mounting services. We have over 15 years of experience installing wall mounts, entertainment centres, and home theatres in homes across the region. Our skilled technicians can handle any TV mounting job quickly and efficiently. We also offer 24/7 emergency service, free site surveys, and same-day installation on most jobs.

In addition to our expertise in TV wall mounting, Elite AV Services takes pride in providing bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s a sleek, minimalist setup you’re after or a more complex arrangement involving multiple screens and sound systems, our team has the knowledge and tools to bring your vision to life. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that every installation process is carried out with the utmost precision and care, leaving you with a seamless and aesthetically pleasing entertainment space.

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TV Wall Mounting

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Why Choose a Professional TV Wall Mount Installer

One of the biggest decisions when purchasing a high-end TV is how you will mount and display it. You might be tempted to try a DIY TV wall mounting. However, this often ends poorly with safety concerns or damage to your expensive new television.

A professional TV mounting service like Elite AV Services offers several key advantages:
Our staff consists of knowledgeable experts trained specifically on TV installations. This includes safety protocols, figuring out ideal TV placement, choosing the correct mount and hardware, providing wiring solutions, and executing a flawless installation.

Not only can we handle the wall mounting, but we can also deal with cable management and hiding cables properly for a clean look. Keeping cords out of sight creates a modern, streamlined feel.
We bring state-of-the-art equipment and tools, enabling us to install TVs even on tricky wall materials like brick or tile, as opposed to the limited tools and equipment available to homeowners.
Unlike DIY installs, we assure you your TV remains level after mounting. We also test the mount to guarantee it can hold and support your TV size and weight with an appropriate safety margin. Resulting in complete peace of mind.

Elite AV Services offers insurance coverage, warranties, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all TV mounting services.
For TV installations done right, with an expert touch and zero worries, leave it to the professional TV installers at Elite AV Services serving the Bridgend area.

Available TV Mounts We Offer

Elite AV Services offers an extensive selection of TV wall mounts and stands to meet your needs. Whether you want your television above your fireplace or centre stage in your living room, we will find the ideal mount for your space and TV size. Here are some of the options we provide:

Tilting TV Wall Mounts: If glare is a concern, we suggest a wall mount with tilt capabilities (typically up to 15°). This enables adjusting the TV angle for better viewing.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mounts: Ideal for changing seating arrangements or high-traffic areas. These arms extend, tilt, pan, and swivel to find the best TV positioning.

Fixed TV Wall Mounts: For a basic, non-adjustable flush mount at the most affordable price.

Articulating TV Wall Mounts: When you need the ability to pull the TV away from the wall for access behind it, these mounts extend and retract.

Low-Profile TV Wall Mounts: Mount your flat-screen TV just an inch or two from the wall for a streamlined, contemporary look using thin, low-profile mounts.

Corner TV Wall Mounts: To save space, specialised mounting in a corner or at the junction where two walls meet.

Under Cabinet TV Mounts: To place smaller TVs inside your kitchen or beneath cabinets in an office or commercial environment.

Outdoor TV Wall Mounts: Constructed of weather-resistant materials that hold up under sunlight, rain, snow, and temperature extremes.

Apart from these standard wall mount types, we can also source and install speciality mounts like ceiling, floor-to-ceiling, or motorised TV lifts to accommodate your needs. Contact Elite AV Services for advice on choosing the right mount for your television and wall space.

Preparing Your Home for TV Mounting

Embarking on a TV wall mounting project? While Elite AV Services handles the expert installation—you need to address a few preparation requirements at your home or office ahead of time:

Determine exactly where you want your TV mounted—and at what height—for the best viewing experience. Measure this spot on the wall and be ready to point it out to technicians on install day.
Consider where your cables and connectors should be placed for a clean, hidden look. Things to consider include the location of power outlets, input ports on the TV, cable jacks, surround sound, WiFi router, etc.

Check for studs or sturdy materials behind your desired TV mounting location. Drywall alone may not provide adequate support, especially for larger flat-screen TVs. Our installers bring heavy-duty anchors as needed, but brick, concrete, or studs work best.

Assess how far your TV will extend from the wall when mounted. Ensure furniture, decorations, window treatments, or other items do not obstruct around the mounted television.

We recommend painting or touching up your wall paint before TV mounting. Patches, holes, and markings always appear more prominently around a TV, drawing attention to that area.

Also, think about where you will position other entertainment components. Will you need an AV shelf or rack beneath for cable boxes, consoles, receivers, etc.? Coordinating this decor makes for a tidy, pulled-together space.

By planning these things upfront, your TV mounting project completes with less time, effort, and adjustments on install day. Contact Elite AV Services anytime for a complimentary consultation to discuss your TV mounting plans and answer questions.

Our TV Mounting Process from Start to Finish

When you hire Elite AV Services for TV mounting in the Bridgend vicinity, we follow a streamlined process—from first contact to final installation—for flawless execution:

  1. Schedule a Free On-Site Survey – We will set up a visit to inspect your home, meet you in person, evaluate the mounting area, field any concerns, take measurements, and provide a written estimate accurate to the inch. No more guesswork involved on our part or surprise fees for you later.
  2. Select Your Mount and Additional Components – Browse our catalogue of quality TV mounts and accessories to customise your installation. This includes cables for hiding, surge-protecting power strips, backing boards for tricky mounts, and AV racks or shelves to streamline wiring beneath the TV if desired.
  3. Handle Special Requests – From assembling components beforehand for fast installation day completion to flexible scheduling for your convenience, we accommodate special requests whenever feasible. Just let your project manager know how we can make things smoother for you.
  4. Confirm Your Appointment Time – We call to reconfirm your scheduled installation approximately 48 hours prior. This also serves as a chance for last-minute questions or changes if needed.
  5. Show Up Prepared and On Time – At your scheduled appointment time, our uniformed technicians arrive in a marked Elite AV Services vehicle stocked with all necessary tools, mounts, and hardware to begin work immediately. We protect your home by wearing shoe covers and laying drop cloths in the work area.
  6. Complete a Methodical, Meticulous Installation – With care taken at each step and safety the priority, our technicians flawlessly install your new TV mount, securing it into studs or robust anchors on the wall. We then mount your flat-screen TV, checking for perfect operation and ideal positioning based on the site survey.
  7. Clean Up and Walk You Through the Job – Before leaving, we double-check the strength and functionality of the installed mount. We then give a walk-through explaining operation and maintenance tips so you can enjoy worry-free TV viewing for years. Lastly, we tidy up with a thorough cleaning to leave your home exactly as found.

For TV mounting services performed to perfection, look no further than the experts at Elite AV Services. Contact us today for your free in-home estimate! Our skilled team looks forward to transforming your space with a professionally mounted flat-screen television installed by seasoned home technology professionals.


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