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Whether its brick or plasterboard, our expert tecnicians will provide a professional TV Wall Mount installation.

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Space Saving & Cinematic Viewing
Installation On All Wall Types
Tidy Cable Concealment Options
Multiple Bracket Types
Domestic & Commercial Installations
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Glastonbury TV Wall Mounting

Elite AV Services specialises in all aspects of TV wall mounting Glastonbury businesses and residents will ever need. What makes us so confident we can deliver exactly what you want? We combine years of experience working with every make and model of fixture and TV with a passion for getting the fine details just right. When you put all of this together, and add in our commitment to customer service, you see why we’re the TV wall mounting team Glastonbury has been using for years. 

In fact, we’re so simple and easy to deal with that we can even make custom wall mounting recommendations for your exact model of TV. Ideal when you want to ensure nothing is left to chance when it’s time to add a stylish and functional finishing touch to the lounge or living room.

Expert TV Installation in Glastonbury

Our Glastonbury TV wall mounting team don’t just specialise in hanging your TV from any type of wall — set top boxes are no problem either! It could be Sky, FreeSat, Apple TV, or any other type of box for that matter. No matter what you choose to enjoy in the evenings, we’ll provide the expert wall mounting solution that takes care of everything without delay. Perfect when you want to ensure that nothing is left to chance and everything is exactly the way you want it. 

Because our Glastonbury TV wall mounting experts work for you from the moment you get in touch, they can even recommend custom solutions you won’t find online. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring that Glastonbury residents and businesses get everything they need to make TV mounting look as simple as it should be.

Why Choose Elite AV Services?

Glastonbury TV wall mounting services should take care of all the fine details, wall types and room layouts out there; which is exactly what we do. Our entertainment system mounting experts in Glastonbury know that you just want something that works, so they get to work so you don’t have to. By arriving early, getting the job done quickly, and never leaving anything to chance, the Elite AV Services team ensure you never have to worry about a thing. Sitting back in your Glastonbury home with a professionally mounted TV and entertainment system is the perfect way to relax. When you’re ready to make it happen, our expert TV wall mounters are ready to take care of business.


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"We would really recommend Elite AV Services. With decades of knowledge and experience, you're insafe hands! Incredible service, clean, tidy, punctual and good conversation. We're already booked in for the next job!"

Emma Dinh

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