Satellite TV Services

We cover all aspects of Satellite TV, from Freesat, Sky TV, European & International Satellite TV systems.

Satellite TV Services

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What Is Satellite TV?

Unlike terrestrial television transmitting a signal to a TV aerial from a local transmitter, satellite TV requires a satellite dish that receives a signal from a geo-stationary satellite in space, which is then received through what is known as a Low Noise Block (LNB) from the reflector, which is the dish itself. To receive satellite TV, whether it’s Sky or Freesat, you will require a satellite dish and a set-top box for Sky TV services or a compatible Freesat set-top box or television for Freesat Services.

What Are My Options?

There are a whole host of options for satellite TV services to suit every customer’s requirements and viewing needs. If you’re looking to indulge in the world of entertainment, movies and music, then a paid subscription service like Sky HD or Sky Q would be the best-suited service for you! On the other hand, If you would just like to receive free-to-air channels but still want that crisp high-definition picture, then Freesat HD TV would be the one.

What Is Required?

Satellite TV requires a signal from a satellite dish, which is then transmitted to either a Sky HD or Sky Q receiver for Sky TV services or a Freesat set-top box or compatible Freesat television for Freesat services.

Depending on surrounding obstructions, some satellite dish installations are not straightforward and have to be installed either on the roof or at a high level to receive an adequate signal for satellite services.

A standard satellite dish package commonly used for Sky TV services, comes complete with a standard wall bracket, whereas in some situations more complex or non-standard equipment is required to receive a signal. Or if you would rather the satellite dish be discreet and out of view, then our technicians will give the best course of action to make sure the dish is located in a position where signal levels are at a recommended level for satellite services and the dish can’t be seen.

Why Choose Elite AV Services?

With over 25 years experience in the satellite TV sector, we can pride ourselves on being involved ever since the start of this innovative technology. We are able to supply all types of satellite services, such as Freesat TV, which includes the dish and installation, even the set-top box of your choice for Freesat HD.

We cater not only for the domestic customer, we also carry out work for commercial and communal clientele, which includes contracts such as satellite dish relocations for building companies, maintenance work for housing estates and much more.

If you are thinking or are in the process of upgrading your existing Sky HD system for the latest Sky Q services and your existing dish has been installed on the roof by a previous company, it will require a Wideband Low Noise Block (LNB) replacement to receive these up-to-date services, or if you just generally want the satellite dish out of sight, then Elite AV Services can carry out this type work for you as we are health and safety approved when it comes to special heights installations.


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