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TV Wall Mounting Reading
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TV Wall Mounting Reading

If you’re looking for a flatscreen TV set, the modern market has various choices, including:

Plasma TVs  with wide viewing angles, reduced motion blur and deeper blacks to improve contrast ratios

LCD TV – use liquid crystal display technology, are thinner and lighter than cathode ray tube (CRT) models and available in larger sizes

LED TV – use light-emitting diodes for backlighting instead of standard fluorescent lamps.
If you have a flat screen LCD, LED or plasma TV screen, at home or for your business, they’ve been designed with wall mounting in mind, since they come with holes in the back for that purpose.

Setting the TV set up on a wall brings various benefits:

  • Save space: TV sets and the furniture they go on can take up valuable room.
  • Increase safety: Especially if you have young children living with you, or even just visiting regularly, having a wall mounted set will keep your TV safely out of the way.
  • Increase security: Not many intruders want to spend the time taking your treasured TV off the wall.
  • Achieve a sleek look: Hide your television’s wires with discreet cabling and create an ultra-clean, stylish look to enhance your room or business. You can also use your wall-mounted set to run slideshows of your favourite photos.
  • Optimum viewing angle: Having your TV on the wall genuinely maximises the viewing experience. After all, flat screens aren’t cheap, so why wouldn’t you want to get the most from yours and its high definition picture quality? You may not realise it, but if you watch TV for too long with the set at the wrong height, you can develop eye or neck strain. Equally, if you run a bar or similar business, you’ll want as many people as possible to get a good view.

You may think mounting a flatscreen on a wall is just another DIY task, but it’s not as straightforward as it may seem. Not only do you require two people to do a safe job with heavier sets, but you need to know what you’re doing, and to have the right tools. Finally, the consequences of getting it wrong and damaging your telly, perhaps irreparably, don’t bear thinking about.

TV Wall Mounting in Reading with Elite AV Services (Reading)

If you need TV mounting in Reading, we’re on the doorstep and have been helping people get the most from their aerials and TV systems for the past two decades, in a wide range of home and business settings.

Choose us for a professional, prompt mounting of your LCD, plasma or LED TV set – you’ll love the finished result.

We’ll do a safe, no-nonsense job, while our hidden cable service means unsightly wires get tucked neatly away.

We’ll give you complete peace of mind in other ways, too:

  • All our labour is guaranteed for two years, and our lifetime promise for after-service care means we’ll always answer your questions whenever you need us.
  • Our teams of technicians have comprehensive public liability insurance and are punctual, smartly turned out and will always gladly show you their photo ID.
  • We’re prompt – call us and we can generally come out to you on the same day so you’re enjoying your newly mounted telly that evening. Or ask us for a quote over the phone.

Give us a ring on 07593 817203 or use the Contact Page to get in touch.

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