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Sky is the brand name for British Sky Broadcasting’s digital satellite TV and radio offering, transmitted via SES Astra satellites. It was originally launched as Sky Digital in the late 1990s, to set it apart from the original analogue service, and is now often marketed as just “Sky” rather than “Sky Digital.” For well over 20 years, Sky TV has been the UK’s biggest paid-for TV broadcaster, with more than 11 million customers.

Sky TV gives you access to hundreds of channels offering entertainment, films, kids’ shows, news and more into your home, alongside all your favourite BBC and ITV shows – not to mention dozens of digital radio stations.

Sky also makes for very flexible viewing, in that you can choose to take on additional packages to access, say, sport or more recently released movies. Equally, with a Sky Plus box, you can pause and rewind telly as it is being shown or, at the push of  a single button, record one show to see later on while you’re watching something different.

Premium package options on offer include:

  • Sky Anytime – Access a huge choice of entertainment, available on demand.
  • Sky HD – Offering an enhanced viewing experience with incredible picture and sound quality.
  • Sky Multiroom – Ideal if you have a busy household! Everyone can enjoy watching something different from Sky in different rooms, ending squabbles over who sees what!

Sky TV installation is, realistically, a professional job requiring specialist expertise. Choose a professional organisation which has the right equipment to do the work safely and securely, and the knowledge to place the dish correctly for the best possible signal.

SkyQ Installation

Sky TV Installation Reading from Elite AV Services

Need Sky TV installation in Reading? If so, Elite AV Services (Reading) can help, with 20 years’ locally-based experience of Sky installation in Reading and the surrounding area.

It’s true that if you’re looking for Sky installers, Reading has several to choose from. Here’s why we beat the competition hands down:

  • Our swift service means we can usually be with you on the same day you make contact.
  • We don’t clear off again just as quickly – we want to know you are happy with your system and how to get the most from it.
  • Our teams are fully trained, insured and industry accredited. Smart corporate uniforms and ID badges give extra confidence and peace of mind. In fact, our technicians have the same qualifications as any Sky engineers.
  • With some 20 years’ industry experience, there’s nothing we don’t know about Sky TV installation.
  • At Elite AV Services (Reading) we have access to the complete range of dishes, set-top boxes and channel packages.

While some companies confuse customers, or go for the hard sell of the most expensive package, that’s not our style. We’ll talk you carefully through the different options and help you work out which service best suits your needs.

Talk to us today about Sky TV installation. Call us on 07593 817203 or use the Contact Page to get in touch, and we’ll either give you a free quote over the phone or come and do a no-obligation site visit.


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