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A European satellite dish installation gives you access to a wide range of international channels. See what other nations provide in terms of entertainment and news – or you may want to pick up stations specifically broadcasting in another language – such as, say, Polish or Spanish, especially if you have a lot of customers from Europe using your business.

European satellite offers a great alternative to other options, such as Sky, and provides some stations which are just not available through other TV systems.

A basic receiver will allow you to pick up free channels that don’t carry a monthly subscription charge. The stations you receive will depend on how big the dish is, and the direction you point it in.

A free to air receiver may be fine for what you need. But if you also want to access a greater variety of stations, and receive subscription (paid for) channels, you will need:

  • Conditional Access Module or CAM – all pay channels are coded via encryptions. Depending on which stations you want, the right CAM is needed to decode the encryption.
  • Common Interface (CI) slots – Some satellite receivers have a single slot, others have a couple, and you need these for inserting the CAM. The number of slots depends on the number of paid-for stations you want to access. Bear in mind that some receivers have in-built CAMS and CI slots,
  • Viewing Card – The broadcaster whose service you have registered for will let you have a viewing card to access the channel you want to see.

You can go for a simple system from which you view channels via one satellite, or a single dish with multiple LNBs (low-noise block downconverters) each angled slightly differently to receive signals from various European satellites. This avoids any planning restrictions which may limit you to having just one dish in place. Dish size will determine what you can access, and a switching device will let you jump between satellites with your remote control.

Getting a qualified engineer to install your system for you is the most cost-effective approach, in terms of saving time and quality of work.

European Satellite Installation from Elite AV Services (Reading)

If you’re looking for European satellite installation anywhere in the Reading area, see what we to offer before you do anything else.

We will come out and survey your premises and identify where you will get the best signal. We will also advise where to site your satellite dish, and where to route the cabling for optimal reception.

Our trained, certified European satellite installers work across the Reading area, and so have excellent local knowledge. We’re also comprehensively insured, trained to work at height and industry accredited. Our work is guaranteed for up to two years, and we’re happy to offer telephone support any time – that’s a lifetime guarantee.

Of course European satellite is especially useful in a town like Reading, which has such a diverse make-up with French, German, Spanish, Polish and other Eastern European communities living in the town.

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