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If you own or manage a block of apartments, communal TV systems allow you to provide a television signal in every room or property within the building without having multiple TV aerials or satellite dishes.

You may not realise just how many different systems there are in today’s marketplace. They include:

  • Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

IRS systems collect broadcast signals from terrestrial and satellite transmitters, along with FM radio and Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB). These signals can then be distributed to each apartment, enabling residents to access all available TV channels.

The great advantage is that whoever lives in each flat can choose to connect their TV equipment to the system and pick up free-to-air signals or paid-for satellite ones. So for landlords, installing IRS doesn’t mean favouring any single TV broadcasting supplier – you give your residents the choice.

  • Free Shared Dish

A Free Shared Dish is a simple, cost-effective solution for communal housing. It means that if at least four occupiers subscribe to one of Sky TV’s viewing packages, the broadcaster will supply a satellite dish serving up to 24 flats – or two dishes for 48 homes and so on.

This is an excellent solution where there is a commitment to a single TV viewing option – old, individual installations can be removed, and the look of a building significantly enhanced.

  • Multiswitch

This is a simple way to connect all of your satellite TV receivers if you have more than four of them. Alternatively, it can simply provide lots of connection points so you can move receivers around. Equally, you can connect radio and/or TV aerials to provide those signals at the same time as satellite signals.

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Communal TV Systems Installed by Elite AV Services (Reading)

Installing, maintaining and servicing any of these systems requires specialist equipment and professional expertise.
At Aerials Direct (Reading) we have some 20 years’ experience of installing communal solutions across Reading and the surrounding area, so we’re leading local communal TV installers.

We’re experienced in setting up and servicing systems for a wide range of clients. Our fully trained, insured and accredited teams of technicians can design, install and maintain a system that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of your business or organisation at a price you’ll love.

In the first instance, we’ll come out to you (typically on the day of first contact) and come and meet you in person, discuss what you need and give a written quote for the cost of designing and installing your bespoke communal TV system.

Our staff are punctual, friendly and smartly dressed in our corporate uniforms, as well as being qualified to work at height with ladders. They also carry and will gladly show professional ID, giving extra peace of mind.

There’s nothing we don’t know about communal television solutions, so talk to us before you talk to anyone else.

  • Give us a ring today on 07593 817203, book a no-obligation appointment and tell us what you need. You’ll be joining thousands of satisfied Elite AV Services (Reading) customers.


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