TV Wall Mounting Lympsham

TV Wall Mount, Lympsham, WSM

About the Installation

This customer had a 60″ Toshiba LED TV on a stand sitting in the corner of their living room, but they decided they wanted it mounted on the wall but keeping that same 45-degree angle. The customer rang around locally and far before finding our company, who assured them that we could do this installation with no problem and no boundaries.

We supplied a 45-degree angle dual wall mount to safely support the weight and spread of the TV across the two walls in the corner. On top of this, we supplied a soundbar bracket for the TV to fix the soundbar with that floating effect. Also, a wall bracket for the SkyQ box to mount to the wall to keep it from the site.

The cabling was hidden in white plastic trunking from the power socket and subwoofer for that clean look. Job well done!

Photos of the Installation

For every installation we carry out, we like to take photos along the way. This shows our prospective customers examples, so they can see how each job is carried out with due care and for a professional finish that’s second to none.

Summary Results

If you live in Weston-super-Mare or anywhere in the Somerset area, please get in touch and book your TV Wall Mounting service today. We are also able to help with any TV Aerial issues, Satellite TV including, SkyQSky GlassFreesat and European Satellite.

We offer a free callout where we will visit your home, discuss the brackets required for your installation and talk over the options best for the connecting cables, such as either using a simple conduit to disguise the cable or even having them embedded into the walls. We can even plaster over and make good, just leaving you to paint.

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