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Whether its brick or plasterboard, our expert tecnicians will provide a professional TV Wall Mount installation.

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Space Saving & Cinematic Viewing
Installation On All Wall Types
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Multiple Bracket Types
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Benefits Of TV Wall Mounting

Do you want to get the best out of your 4K, Ultra HD flat screen TV? Perhaps you do not have the right tools or brackets to mount your brand new television, or maybe you would prefer to have your TV professionally installed by a TV wall mounting expert?

Elite AV Services (Oxford) can help you. We are Oxford’s bespoke installation experts, and we can professionally install and mount your new TV or home cinema system. Contact us today to book an appointment, or keep reading to find out how we can help you to get the most from your new TV.

Bespoke Installation for Your Home

We offer a comprehensive TV wall mounting service. Whether you are looking to secure your brand new LED or 4K TV to your lounge wall or you want a flexible solution for a flat screen TV in your bedroom or kitchen, contact us now.

Call us on 0333 772 2013, and we will often come out to you on the same day. We will discuss your requirements and come up with bespoke installation suggestions for your home. We will give you a quote, and once you are satisfied, we will carry out any work there and then.

We can wall mount your TV, and we are experts in hiding wires in cavities or walls. We have a range of brackets suitable for any type of 4K, Ultra HD or LED television, and we have flexible brackets which are perfect, if you need the flexibility to tilt your TV to your sitting position.

We can also install specialist home cinema systems or connect your wall mounted televisions to systems such as Freesat or SkyQ.

Find out more about our TV wall mounting service by contacting us today. We cover the whole Oxford area, and our qualified, experienced engineers are able to tackle any TV in any home.

Why Choose Elite AV Services?

Bespoke installation can help avoid damage to your set – If your flat screen, 4K or Ultra HD television is wall mounted it is less likely to get damaged. It is less likely that you will walk into it, a child will knock it, or it will be damaged when playing a console game such as an Xbox

TV wall mounting saves space – Mounting your TV to a wall can help you to maximise the floor space in your lounge or bedroom. Mounting it above a fireplace or chest of drawers can help you to retain valuable floor space

Whether you want us to use brackets you have already bought, or you want us to come up with a bespoke installation tailored to your home, contact us today. Wherever in the Oxford area you are, our TV wall mounting service is quick, professional and affordable.


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“We would really recommend Elite AV Services. With decades of knowledge and experience, you’re insafe hands! Incredible service, clean, tidy, punctual and good conversation. We’re already booked in for the next job!”

Emma Dinh

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