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Benefits Of TV Wall Mounting

One of the main benefits of flat screen, plasma and 4K televisions is that they can be wall mounted. If you need a specialist that will give you advice on the best wall mounting and install the right solution for you, you have come to the right place. Elite AV Services (London) has securely and professionally fitted hundreds of TVs for customers across London.

Do you have an expensive new TV that you want professionally fitted? Do you need a clever solution for fitting a plasma TV in a limited space? Perhaps your DIY skills simply do not extend to professional TV wall mounting London?

Whatever you need, get in touch with us today and we will do the rest.

But what are the advantages of TV wall mounting London? Keep reading to find out.

Reasons You Should Wall Mount Your TV

You will get more space

When we wall mount your TV, it will free up more space in your lounge or bedroom. This is particularly useful if you have a room that has limited floor space. Wall mounting enables you to make the most of the space you have available by using spare wall space above a fireplace in a living room, or perhaps above a chest of drawers in a bedroom.

It’s harder to steal

If you have an expensive plasma or 4K TV, it may be a target for thieves. However, if your TV is securely attached to a wall mount or articulated wall bracket, it makes it much more difficult for a thief to steal it.

It’s child friendly

Another great reason for Elite AV Services (London) to wall mount your TV, is to keep it out of the reach of little ones. It can be frustrating when a curious child pushes a button on your TV, which changes the input or the settings. A wall mounted TV will keep your expensive equipment out of the reach of small hands.

It’s less likely to get damaged

If your flat screen, plasma or LCD television is wall mounted, it is less likely to get damaged. We will ensure that the TV is securely mounted or fixed to a bracket, meaning it will always be out of the way. You will not be able to walk into it or knock it when you’re playing a motion console game, such as a Wii or Xbox Connect.

Why Choose Elite AV Services?

Whatever size your television, and whatever space you have, we will come up with a solution. If you have sufficient space, we can wall mount your television securely and professionally. Alternatively, we can fix a range of brackets that give you the flexibility to tilt and move your flat screen or plasma TV to suit your sitting position, and we can mount TVs in any room of your home.

We have been the TV wall mounting London specialists for over 20 years. Our trained, accredited engineers are vastly experienced in finding the right solution, and we are the masters at hiding cables and wires in cavities or walls, and we will often be out to you on the same day. This service applies to all types of TV, including Plasma, LCD and LED screens.

So, for unparalleled service and expertise at a price you will love, call 0333 772 2013 or use our contact form now.


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