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Elite AV Services: Transforming Entertainment Spaces in Finsbury Park

In today’s digital age, having a well-set entertainment area isn’t just about luxury but experience. A centrally mounted TV can redefine your living room, bedroom, or office’s aesthetics. While many consider it a simple task, TV wall mounting requires precision, expertise, and an understanding of aesthetics. This is where Elite AV Services steps in.

Located in the Heart of Finsbury Park

Elite AV Services isn’t just another service provider; we are a part of the Finsbury Park community. Over the years, we’ve seen the area evolve and understand the varied aesthetic preferences of its residents. Our services are tailored to meet the unique architectural nuances of homes and offices in this region.

Wall Mount Your TV

A Comprehensive Consultation Process

Our team sits down with you before we even bring out the tools to understand your vision. We discuss:

  • The ideal position for the TV considering room lighting and seating arrangements.
  • Potential future upgrades to your entertainment system.
  • Your preferences regarding visible wires and tech aesthetics.

The Elite AV Partnership Advantage

Our alliances with top-tier brands like Sanus and Vogels are for more than just namesake. These partnerships allow us:

  • Early access to new mounting technologies.
  • Training sessions on the latest installation techniques.
  • Discounts that we happily pass on to our customers.

Our Promise

Safety First, Always

While aesthetics are essential, the safety of your expensive equipment and home is our top priority. Our team undergoes regular training sessions to keep updated with the best safety practices in the industry. From ensuring that the TV mount is securely fixed to the wall to guaranteeing that all cables are safely tucked away, we leave no stone unturned.

Post-Installation Care

Our job doesn’t end once your TV is up on the wall. We offer:

  • Guidelines on how to maintain the pristine look of the installation.
  • Tips on optimising your TV settings for the best viewing experience based on the installation angle.
  • A helpline for any post-installation queries or concerns.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Community Reviews Speak for Themselves

Over the years, Elite AV Services has enjoyed transforming numerous entertainment spaces in Finsbury Park. Our satisfied clients often speak of our attention to detail, professional demeanour, and the seamless transformation we offer.

Join the Elite AV Experience

So, if you’re in Finsbury Park or its surrounding areas and want to elevate your entertainment space, Elite AV Services is eager to assist. Let’s collaborate to make your vision a reality. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this transformation journey together!

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Since the introduction of the very first VESA-compliant flat-screen TV, we have been in high demand from customers requesting to have their TVs professionally wall-mounted.

More than 15 years of experience wall mounting TVs in Finsbury Park

For professional service and to leave a smile on your face, contact the number 1 company for TV installations, Elite AV Services, today, on 0333 772 2013 or use our online booking form.

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Our Reviews

Experience the genuine endorsement of our work through the voices of those who matter most: our esteemed clients. Spanning over 25 years, Elite AV Services has provided exceptional services and woven a tapestry of lasting relationships with customers across the southern UK. We proudly showcase a curated selection of heartfelt testimonials and insightful reviews.

These aren’t just feedback; they are a testament to our commitment, dedication, and trust in our customers. Join us in celebrating our journey through their words.

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