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The Importance of Aerial Installation & Repair in London

With the digital switchover completed some years ago, free-to-air TV in London now relies on digital terrestrial television (DTT) signals. You need a professional TV aerial installation to pick up these signals and enjoy free channels like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and more in full HD quality.

Unlike analogue signals in the past, digital TV signals are more susceptible to interference and degradation. Factors like your location, obstacles like tall buildings, weather conditions, etc., can all affect signal reception. This makes an adequately installed aerial essential for the best Freeview TV experience.

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Why Choose Us for Aerial Installation

Elite AV Services has been a major, competitive aerial installation company in London for over 25 years. Our fully trained and experienced engineers have carried out thousands of TV aerials and satellite installations throughout London and the local areas.

Choosing us for your aerial installation gives you guaranteed access to the following benefits:

  • Fully Licensed and Insured Services: All aerial installations are done by qualified and accredited aerial and satellite installers. We are also fully insured, so you can have complete peace of mind.

  • Latest Equipment and Techniques: We only use the latest equipment and techniques for aerial installation. This includes access to high-gain aerials, satellite dishes, brackets and masts. We can install or replace your aerial to futureproof your TV viewing.

  • Local London Knowledge: Our engineers have extensive experience working all over London and have unrivalled local knowledge. We know which aerials work best in different parts of the city.

  • Quick Response and Installation: Once you contact us, we will schedule your installation ASAP. Our engineers are based across London, so we can get your aerial installed promptly.

  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing: There are no hidden fees with us. The price we quote upfront for the job is the price you pay after completion. Our pricing is also very competitive compared to other TV aerial installers in London.

  • Ongoing Support: We don’t just disappear after installing your aerial. Elite AV Services provides full aftercare and maintenance support for all our installed aerials in London.

Full Range of Aerial Installation Services

At Elite AV Services, we offer London homeowners a complete range of aerial installation and TV-related services:

  • New TV Aerial Installation: We can install a new TV aerial customised to your needs and location. This ensures the best possible digital TV reception.

  • Additional TV Points: For multiple TVs at home, we can install additional aerial points in various rooms seamlessly.

  • TV Aerial Repairs and Replacement: Has your existing aerial been damaged? Not providing expected reception? We can repair or replace it entirely.

  • Satellite Dish Installation: Want access to additional satellite TV channels? We can recommend and install suitable satellite TV equipment.

  • Freesat/Freeview Installation: We can set up free-to-air Freesat satellite or Freeview at your home with suitable aerials and accessories.

  • Wall Mounting: For a stylish finish, we can install your new flatscreen TV securely on the wall after the aerial installation.

  • TV Tuning and Setup: Our engineers will tune and set up your TV to receive all available Freeview channels after installing the new aerial.

So, whether you need a brand new aerial installation or want to revive your existing setup, Elite AV Services can provide you with a complete TV aerial solution.

Aerial Installation in London

It may be worth investing in a professional aerial installation for your home in London. Here are some key reasons why a new aerial can significantly enhance your TV viewing:


  • Access All Available Freeview Channels and Features: With the digital switchover complete, London’s Freeview channels are now broadcast higher quality than ever before. However, an outdated or improperly installed aerial cannot take advantage of these benefits. Our aerial upgrades can unlock the full potential of Freeview for your home.

  • Eliminate Picture and Sound Disruptions: Weak signal reception typically leads to constant picture breakup and sound disruptions when watching TV. This can be hugely frustrating. Our expert aerial installation provides a robust and stable signal to all your TVs for uninterrupted entertainment.

  • Get HD Channels in Full High Definition Quality: London’s Freeview line-up includes HD channels from the BBC, ITV and others. But your old aerial probably needs to be geared for HD. A new aerial can deliver these channels in full high-definition quality as intended.

  • Avoid Paying Monthly Subscription Fees: Satellite and cable TV require expensive monthly subscriptions. With our aerials, you can access a wide range of entertainment free once the installation is complete. It’s a one-time investment that saves you money long-term.

  • Prepare for the Future: Digital terrestrial TV technology will continue advancing with new capabilities and channels in the coming years. Our aerials can seamlessly equip your home to take advantage of these future upgrades.

Aerial Installation in Your London Home

Elite AV Services has established itself as a top-rated aerial installer in West London over the past 25 years. Choosing us for your home brings the following benefits:

  • Local Experience and Knowledge: With decades of experience handling aerial installation and repairs across West London, our installers have the local knowledge to identify the optimal locations, angles and types of aerials for your home. We account for obstacles like tall buildings that impact signal reception.

  • Quick Callout and Installation: Once you contact us, Elite AV Services can schedule a site survey and installation fast, thanks to our extensive network of engineers across West London. You won’t have to stay long without a TV at your home.

  • Aerials Optimized for West London Locations: We source high-gain aerials from leading manufacturers best suited for West London’s landscape and buildings. This ensures you get the strongest possible Freeview signal.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: We take a long-term approach with our West London customers. Even after the installation, you can rely on us for maintenance, repair service, upgrades, etc.

  • Complete Range of Services: Whether you need a new digital aerial installation, extra TV points, satellite TV setup, wall mounting or any other service – we offer a proper one-stop solution.

Don’t settle for subpar TV reception in your London home. Get the benefit of a robust local signal and free HD channels with Elite AV Services.

Our Aerial Installation Process

We want to make upgrading your TV aerial as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Here is an outline of how our aerial installation service works:

  • Initial Contact and Requirements: Contact us online, by phone or in person. Let us know your requirements – Are you looking to install a new TV aerial installed, add extra points, repair your existing setup, etc.? We will gain a clear understanding of what you need.
  • Site Survey: Our engineer will visit your home to check the existing setup, assess signal reception, identify suitable locations for new aerial, etc. This on-site survey is crucial for a tailored solution.
  • Providing a Free Quote: Based on the survey, we will provide you with a detailed quote outlining the work to be done, equipment needed, costs and timelines for installation. This allows you to make an informed decision.
  • Scheduling the Installation: Once you accept the quote, we will schedule the aerial installation at a suitable date and time based on the engineer’s availability and your convenience. The process is quick and efficient.
  • Performing the Installation: Our engineer will arrive with all the necessary equipment and get to work on the scheduled date. We carry out the agreed installation or repairs efficiently and professionally.
  • Configuration and Demonstration: Our work doesn’t end with the installation itself. The engineer will configure your TV, tune channels and demonstrate that everything is working as expected before wrapping up.
  • Follow-Up and Support: We provide ongoing support after the installation – general maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades or repairs. Consider us your long-term aerial installation partner.

    Our step-by-step process ensures you benefit from your new or improved aerial installation.


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