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How to Hide Your TV Cables Without Cutting Into Your Walls

Finding a way to hide TV cables without cutting into your walls is a common challenge. One relevant fact is that cable clips can easily manage TV wires on stands. Our article offers practical solutions to conceal those unsightly cables using simple methods and tools you might already have at home.

Ways to Hide TV Cables Without Cutting Walls

Hide TV cables without cutting walls by using a stylish entertainment unit or setting up a panel behind the TV. Tuck wires into tubing, use books as decor, and employ other creative techniques to keep your space tidy and cables out of sight.

Using a stylish entertainment unit

Opt for a stylish entertainment unit that comes with built-in cable management systems. These units offer an elegant solution to conceal TV cables, turning cluttered wires into part of the decor.

They typically feature compartments and back panels that effortlessly hide cables from view, maintaining a neat appearance in your living space.

Select one with ample storage and strategically placed holes for cables to ensure easy access and organisation. Entertainment units come in various designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your interior while serving as a practical cable hider.

By integrating your TV setup with such furniture, you achieve both functionality and style without sacrificing convenience or aesthetics.

Creating a wall panel

To hide TV cables without cutting into walls, you can create a decorative and functional wall panel. Start by selecting a stylish wood or fabric panel that complements your room decor.

Measure the dimensions of the area behind your TV and cut the panel to fit. Then, attach the panel to the wall using screws or adhesive hooks, ensuring it is positioned to cover the wires effectively.

After securing the panel, arrange and conceal the cables behind it using clips, zip ties, or coiled sleeves for a tidy finish. This method hides unsightly wires and adds an aesthetic touch to your room.

Wall cladding

One effective method for hiding TV cables without cutting into walls is using wall cladding. This involves installing decorative panels or materials over the existing wall to conceal the cables behind them.

By choosing matching cladding materials and strategically placing them around the TV area, it’s possible to create a seamless look while hiding unsightly wires. Additionally, wood panels can be used creatively for cladding, providing an attractive way to disguise TV wires.

When considering how to hide TV cables without invasive methods, wall cladding offers an aesthetically pleasing solution that effectively conceals cords while adding a stylish touch to the room decor.

Using a stand for TV

A stand for TV offers a convenient way to hide cables without cutting walls. Cable clips can secure the wires discreetly, keeping them out of sight. Additionally, an entertainment unit with built-in cable management features can neatly organise and conceal the cables while providing a sleek look.

Clips, cable ties, or coiled sleeves can gather and enclose TV cables effectively. This method helps to keep the area tidy while preventing potential hazards from loose wires. Moreover, adhesive hooks or Velcro strips are practical for attaching and hiding TV cables behind or around the stand without requiring any alterations to the walls.

Painting the conduit

After organising TV wires inside a cable management conduit, paint the conduit and wall to match the colour. This will help conceal and seamlessly blend in the wire cover, making it less noticeable.

Additionally, painting over the conduit can also provide a polished and professional look to your cable management solution.

For more options on hiding TV cables without cutting walls, consider setting up a panel behind the TV.

Setting up a panel behind the TV

To conceal TV cables further, setting up a panel behind the TV is an effective solution. This involves creating a custom panel that fits snugly against the wall to hide wires and create a polished look.

The panel can be made from materials like wood or fabric and can be easily attached to the wall using screws or brackets. Once in place, it provides a sleek backdrop for the TV, effectively hiding unsightly cables and adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

For added convenience, incorporating velcro strips or adhesive hooks into the design will allow for easy access to cords while maintaining their hidden appearance. Additionally, safety checks should be performed during installation to ensure secure attachment and proper wire management within the panel.

Utilising furniture

Furniture such as bookshelves, console tables, or cabinets can effectively hide TV cables by allowing you to run the wires behind or inside them. For instance, placing a cabinet beneath a wall-mounted TV provides a discreet space to tuck away cables and power strips.

Additionally, placing decorative objects like books alongside furniture can conceal unsightly cables while adding visual appeal to your living space.

Using furniture creatively can transform unsightly wires into an integrated part of your room’s decor, providing both functionality and aesthetic value. This approach offers a simple yet effective way to keep cables out of sight without compromising on style and organisation.

Tucking wires into trunking

One creative technique is to tuck wires into trunking to hide TV cables without cutting into walls. This involves using flexible cable management tubes that can be easily concealed behind furniture or along the edges of walls.

By feeding the cables through the trunking, it provides a neat and organised way to hide unsightly wires, keeping them out of sight while maintaining easy access for any future adjustments.

Additionally, adhesive clips or hooks can be used to secure the trunking in place and ensure a clean, polished appearance.

Another benefit of tucking wires into the trunking is that it offers a versatile solution for managing different TV cables, from power cables to HDMI and audio-visual connections.

Using books as decor

To add a touch of creativity and style to your space, consider using books as decor to hide TV cables. Stack books strategically alongside the wall or entertainment unit to conceal the wires running from your TV.

This clever method hides unsightly wires and adds an aesthetically pleasing element to your room. Utilising books as decor for cable concealment is a simple yet effective way to maintain a clean and organised look while showcasing your literary collection.

Another creative idea involves using hollowed-out books to discreetly house TV cables, blending them seamlessly into your bookshelf or display. This approach can achieve both functionality and visual appeal, keeping wires out of sight while adding an interesting design feature to your living space.

Final Tips for Hiding TV Cables

Consider using a cable cover or conduit to neatly conceal your TV cables. Use cable ties or velcro strips to easily organise and manage wires behind your entertainment unit or wall-mounted TV.

Consider using a cable cover or conduit

Try using a cable cover or conduit to neatly conceal TV cables without needing wall modifications. Cable covers are available in various sizes and colours, enabling you to select one that matches your wall or skirting board colour for seamless integration.

The conduit can be easily installed with adhesive backing, making it a convenient solution for hiding wires behind furniture or along walls.

You could also use a cable cover or trunking as an effective way to hide TV cables without damaging your walls. These covers come in different styles and can easily blend into your room’s décor while keeping unsightly cables hidden from view.

Use zip ties or velcro strips

Corral TV cables neatly by using zip ties or Velcro strips. These inexpensive and easy-to-use tools can keep cords organised and out of sight. Velcro strips are adjustable, making them ideal for securing and hiding loose wires behind furniture or along the wall.

Zip ties provide a secure hold, keeping cables tidy and preventing tangling. These simple solutions can help you achieve a clean and sleek look for your entertainment area while ensuring safety through proper cable management.

Hide cables behind the TV or mount a power strip on the wall.

Use a power strip mounted on the wall to consolidate and hide TV cables. Conceal the cables neatly behind the TV by tucking them into a cable management raceway, then paint over it for a seamless finish.

Utilise zip ties or adhesive hooks to secure and conceal the wires effectively without cutting into walls.

Ensure that all TV cables are neatly hidden by routing them through tubing or cord covers, which can be easily hidden behind the TV or with furniture such as an entertainment unit. Opt for a sleek design, positioning power strips discreetly while maintaining safety standards and ensuring easy access for maintenance and reconfiguration if needed.


Transforming your TV area doesn’t have to involve cutting into walls. Stylish entertainment units offer a practical and fashionable solution. Wall panels and cladding are creative ways to hide unsightly wires while utilising furniture or conduit to ensure a tidy space.

Zip ties and velcro strips can keep cords organised without drilling any holes, providing an efficient and sleek finish for all wall-mounted TVs.

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