How Do I Receive German TV for Free

You can receive German TV here in the UK by using a small satellite dish (60CM) installed to a south facing wall and use a free to air satellite receiver to see the German broadcasts.

Once installed, you will be able to watch 100s of channels for free without subscription. Some of the popular channels include, ARD Das Erste, ZDF, KiKA, Arte, 3 Sat, Phoenix, Taggesschau 24, Eins Festival, ZDF Neo, the list goes on.

This is what a typical satellite dish would like fitted to your home.

60 CM Satellite Dish for German TV

And this is a typical satellite receiver for German TV

Technomate 5403 HD for German TV

So if you are looking for German TV, whether it be friendly advice or a complete installation, then give us a call on 07593817203 or you can email us at

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