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How a TV in Your Kitchen Can Help with Cooking

Having a TV in Your Kitchen Can Make Cooking More Enjoyable and Easier

The kitchen has become more than just a place to prepare meals. For many households, it’s become the main gathering area where family and friends interact and bond. Having a television in your kitchen creates the perfect casual entertaining atmosphere around food and cooking.

A television in the kitchen serves many helpful purposes when whipping up tasty dishes and meals. Read on to learn about the key benefits of having a TV in your cooking space and how it can elevate your culinary game.

Provides Cooking Inspiration and Ideas

One of the best perks of having a kitchen TV is the ability to watch cooking shows for inspiration on what to make next. There’s no shortage of recipe ideas on the many food channels and cooking programs that are available on terrestrial and streaming platforms. Whether you feel like making comfort food, trying exotic cuisines or crafting beautiful plated dishes, a cooking show can spark creativity and provide plenty of how-to knowledge.

Baking competitions are especially fun to have on in the background as you mix together ingredients for homemade baked goods. Seeing competitors’ techniques can teach you helpful tips for everything from properly creaming butter to intricate piping skills for decorating cakes and cookies.

Allows You to Follow Recipes and Instructions With Ease

Following recipes and instructions for unfamiliar dishes can be difficult when you have to keep referring back to a cookbook that’s lying open. With a kitchen TV, you can pull up a recipe video on YouTube or an internet browser app on a Smart TV. Then, you can follow along to each cooking step, pause and rewind as many times as you need to mimic the techniques and achieve the same result.

Television recipe tutorials make it easy for you to keep an eye on each ingredient addition and visual cue without confusing your cooking process. Things like what specific consistency your batter or dough should be at various points are clearly showcased on video. You’ll have an easier time troubleshooting should your dish not look as it should at a certain step.

Provides Entertainment for Guests

When you have friends and family over for a home-cooked meal or to bake goodies together, there’s bound to be some downtime as dishes finish baking or cooking, rather than getting bored as you wait for the pizza to come out of the oven or the stew to finish braising, you can turn on your kitchen TV for entertainment.

Stream a stand-up comedy special for a few laughs while the gang waits for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to cool. Turn on an episode of a popular sitcom to have on in the background as everyone enjoys the spaghetti and meatballs you just whipped up. The TV creates a casual atmosphere for guests to unwind together and bond over food.

Allows You to Listen to Music playlists While Cooking

It’s well known that listening to music can make any task more enjoyable, and cooking is no exception. You can access your favourite audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music with a TV, streaming device, or external speakers connected to your kitchen. Curate fun, upbeat playlists as you chop veggies, blend a smoothie or decorate sugar cookies.

You can even create specialised playlists for specific cooking tasks, like one for baking that includes songs about sweet treats. Upbeat top 40 hits make great background noise for times when you have multiple burners and dishes going at once during dinner parties. Pay attention to how tempo impacts your stirring speed or how lively lyrics motivate you to infuse each dish with enthusiasm.

Great for Following Visual Kitchen Timers

Keeping track of multiple timers for various dishes as you hustle around the kitchen can be challenging. You might burn the garlic bread because the oven timer got buried under the sounds of the microwave and stovetop timers going off simultaneously. Having a smart TV with an onscreen timer frees you from constantly guessing which timer matches each dish.

Streaming a visual timer via YouTube or a kitchen app lets you see a countdown on the television screen regardless of where you are in the kitchen. Set individual onscreen timers for the ribs baking in the oven, the brussel sprouts sautéing in olive oil and the pots of rice and beans simmering on the cooker—no confusing beeps required, just a helpful displayed countdown that coordinates dishes with cook times.

Provides Ambient Lighting

Kitchen task lighting is important when prepping ingredients, reading recipes and safely operating appliances. It’s a good thing television screens give off visual entertainment and ambient lighting, making navigating the space more manageable. Rather than solely relying on overhead lighting fixtures, which can cause shadows and eye strain, the glow from the TV fills the room with radiance.

The illumination from the screen lets you see more clearly when caramelising onions, tempering chocolate or mincing fresh herbs late at night. There is no need to turn on multiple harsh lights when the TV saves you money on the electricity bill while making the space more visually comfortable.

Can Stream Cooking Shows and Listen to Music Simultaneously

Thanks to many Smart TV interfaces and built-in technology capabilities, you can often stream from multiple entertainment sources simultaneously. This means listening to upbeat playlists on Spotify via Wi-Fi while streaming cooking tutorials through YouTube and various apps.

Pipe in classic rock hits to serenade you as you simultaneously watch Martha Stewart demonstrate the perfect flaky pie crust recipe. Or play jazz instrumentals as ambient filler noise while tuning into the Food Network for inspiration on creative ways to prepare lean proteins and veggie sides.


A helpful appliance like a television in your kitchen provides far more utility and entertainment than what traditional living room screens can deliver. From following recipes to entertaining guests, kitchen TVs can completely transform your culinary experience for the better. With so many helpful benefits, a TV will improve any at-home cook’s food preparation game and bring smiles and great memories along the way.

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