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Home security has become increasingly important. Gone are the days of leaving your front door unlocked as crime forever seems to be in the news, both nationally and regionally.

With more and more valuable goods and property in homes, it is becoming more important to safeguard against theft and there are many ways to keep your personal belongings and treasures protected against unwanted hands.

Personal security doesn’t just cover the house itself. Many properties have out buildings including sheds and garages, whilst many of us have at least one car parked either on a driveway or just outside.

For peace of mind there are many solutions that can offer a deterrent to wannabe thieves. Here at Elite AV Services, we take home security very seriously and offer many bespoke solutions.



Closed Circuit Television is certainly a very visual security measure. Not many criminals will fancy their chances of getting away with breaking into a house if there are cameras pointing at them. 

Our CCTV solutions cater for all needs and budgets. We can provide high resolution cameras and recording systems. Modern systems allow cameras to link up to smartphones, allowing users the facility to always see their property regardless of where they are. 

We offer many different types of CCTV cameras, including IP cameras which have an internet connection, motion detection cameras that only start recording when there is movement within range and night vision cameras that can record, even in the darkest of environments.

Burglar Alarms

We can provide and install state of the art burglar alarm systems for homes and business properties. There are many different options when choosing an alarm, some that will sound an alarm and others that will notify a central hub. These are known as monitored alarm systems.

Once the notification is received, should there be a break in, law enforcement could be called as well as the owner. In some instances property owners with alarm systems are required to nominate people, often known as key-holders, to access the building should the alarm be sounding. This is simply to turn the alarm off.

Modern burglar alarms can connect to the internet through IP addresses and notify owners through apps; installed on their smartphones or other devices. The more sophisticated the system, the more advanced the security measures. Cameras can be linked in with the alarm to give all round protection. 

cctv security home office business work audio visual av installation repair security lights

Door Entry Systems

For added peace of mind, we can provide you with a door entry security system. These systems have become very advanced, offering customers the choice of voice entry, as well as visual entry through cameras.

Door entry systems are especially useful for people who live in flats as well as the elderly who want to protect themselves against cold callers or who are unable to quickly get to the door.

We can also install gate entry systems should your home or business property require it. With the advancement in technology, IP door entry systems allow users to control access through smartphones and tablets.

Security Lights

To keep a building or property well lit at night, we can install your security light system.

Some lights will permanently be lit at night time, whilst others can light up when motion is detected.

Some lights have inbuilt cameras and integrated alarm systems.

Not all security lights need to be powered by a mains system and can be installed to operate by battery.

cctv security home office business work audio visual av installation repair security lights
cctv security home office business work audio visual av installation repair security lights

How We Install Your Security System 

Our professional and fully trained engineers will visit your property and discuss your requirements.

After a full assessment of the building and location our engineers will provide guidance and recommendation. We understand that not every home or business property is the same and we will advise on camera placement or which door entry system would work best for your specific needs.

Once the system has been chosen, our engineers will carry out the installation. They will have all of the necessary safety equipment should they need to climb to a height to install any cameras or alarms. The engineer will always carry out their work in a clean and tidy manner and will aim to cause you or your business as little disruption as possible.

Once installed, the engineer will be on hand to explain how the security system operates.

Home Security Maintenance

Like lots of modern technology, maintenance can be key feature in keeping the system in full working order. Any security measure that is permanently outside will obviously be exposed to poor weather, whilst frequent use of electrical and mechanical components can eventually cause wear and tear. 

Here at Elite AV Services, we pride ourselves with customer service. Maintaining your home or business security is vital to protect against crime and we will always be available to assist. 


It is a misconception that having a burglar alarm will result in lower insurance premiums, nevertheless it is always worth checking especially for business owners. It would however, cause policies to become void if a burglar alarm doesn’t exist when it is claimed there is one.

Some local authorities require alarms not to sound for a certain length of time, due to nuisance and disturbance which went against the neighbourhoods and environment act.

What Do Security Systems Cost?

This is a very broad question as there are many different types of systems. Not everyone will require a burglar alarm, whilst others will need a video wired door entry system. The cost is very much down to the individual needs. We aim to be as competitive as possible with total customer satisfaction.


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