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TV Wall Mounting in Gloucester

Finding the perfect spot for your TV at home can often feel like a bit of a puzzle. Concerns about damaging your walls, concealing those unsightly cables, or ensuring you have just the right angle for the ultimate viewing experience are all too familiar worries.

We understand these challenges intimately; they’re what drive our passion.

Here at Elite AV Services, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch TV wall mounting services throughout Gloucester. Our team of skilled technicians comes fully equipped with high-quality materials and tools to guarantee not only a secure fit but also an installation that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is functional.

Whether you need a flat mount or fancy a swivel arm bracket to maximise flexibility, our extensive range covers every preference. Let us elevate your television watching experience.
Read on to find out just how straightforward securing that prime spot for your TV can be.

Together, let’s turn it into reality!

Jane Ward
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Chris came to fix our TV to the wall. He was excellent. Prompt and professional and found the perfect solution for a tricky spot involving lots of wires in the wall. Highly recommend.
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Having wall-mounted a new tv for us in a very awkward alcove, Chris then returned to sort out our aerial reception. He discussed the options and relative costs at each stage, so we were clear about what was being done. Chris is prompt and polite, does a thorough job with great attention to detail, and leaves everything neat and tidy.
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Chris did a great job on mounting our 50" TV in our new build home and was open to help with suggestions on placement in our living room. Left things very tidy afterwards and despite an issue with our internal walls managed to come up with a quick solution to solve the problem. Very friendly and chatty with our 2yr old daughter who was very inquisitive too!!
Victoria Ortengren
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Chris mounted a 55” TV for us on an internal plasterboard wall and also fed the cable through the wall to plug into a socket on the other side of the wall. The finished job looks amazing and Chris left our flat in perfect condition. He was responsive, professional, and did the job quickly (but taking care to ensure it was done correctly). Would highly recommend.

Get professional TV wall mounting services in Gloucester from Elite AV Services. Our skilled technicians provide expert installation for all TV sizes, concealed wiring and cable management, custom mounting solutions, and soundbar and speaker installation.

Professional installation for all TV sizes

Our team provides expert TV mounting services in Gloucester, catering to all television sizes, from the most compact to the largest displays. We arrive fully equipped with a diverse selection of TV wall brackets, ensuring each installation perfectly complements your specific requirements and room configuration.

Our technicians possess vast experience installing both flat-mounted and swivel arm brackets, guaranteeing not only an aesthetically pleasing result but also a secure fixture.

We take pride in our commitment to excellence without compromise. Every phase of the installation process is executed with meticulous attention to detail—from choosing the appropriate bracket to positioning your television at the perfect height for an enhanced viewing experience.

Our professionals are skilled in working with nearly any type of wall material and will promptly communicate if any potential challenges may impact the setup. With us, you receive dependable, cost-effective, and quality-focused TV installation services designed to elevate your home entertainment system without any unforeseen charges.

Concealed wiring and cable management

We ensure your television mounting in Gloucester includes expertly concealed wiring and cable management, which means no unsightly cables hanging from your newly mounted TV. Our technicians skilfully hide all wires, giving your room a cleaner and more organised appearance.

They can handle every type of wall material to ensure the setup is seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

Our cable management service not only improves the appearance of your entertainment area but also enhances safety by minimising tripping hazards. With our comprehensive method, you enjoy a clutter-free viewing experience, keeping focus on your screen without the distraction of tangled wires.

Trust us to deliver a polished, professional finish that perfectly complements your home’s decor.

Custom mounting solutions

Once your cables are neatly tucked away, the next step is identifying the perfect position for your television with our tailored mounting options. Our team provides a range of choices, including flat-mounted and swivel arm brackets, to cater to every unique requirement and viewing preference.

We stock an extensive selection of top-quality TV wall brackets to ensure that no matter the dimensions or layout of your room, we have the perfect solution available.

Our proficient technicians are adept at installing televisions on nearly any type of wall material. They always check for potential obstacles in advance and communicate transparently if challenges occur – all without additional charges.

Rely on us to transform your living space by expertly mounting your television where it maximises your viewing pleasure. With our adaptable custom mounting options, you gain not just a service but an enhancement to your home entertainment setup.

Soundbar and speaker installation

We specialise in installing soundbars and speakers to upgrade your home entertainment system. Our team guarantees a seamless fusion with your television setup, delivering rich, high-quality audio that turns any room into a personal cinema.

We manage every aspect of the installation process, from choosing the ideal location for optimal sound distribution to tidily hiding wires for an uncluttered appearance.

Our experts also provide tailored advice on the finest audio solutions suited to your space and preferences. Whether you’re after an enveloping surround sound experience or a simple, sophisticated soundbar arrangement, we ensure satisfaction with our services in Gloucester.

Rely on us to elevate your viewing experience by flawlessly integrating premier audio technology into your home entertainment system.

Choose us for TV wall mounting because our experienced and skilled technicians ensure high-quality materials and tools are used for timely and efficient service. Find out more about the Elite AV Services difference.

Experienced and skilled technicians

Our team takes great pride in comprising experienced and skilled technicians who are always ready to cater to all your TV wall mounting requirements in Gloucester. These experts possess a vast amount of knowledge acquired from fitting flat screens in a variety of settings, guaranteeing that your home entertainment system will be second to none.

They specialise in tailoring installations to suit any wall, regardless of the challenging materials involved, without any hidden fees.

Each technician has undergone thorough training in audio and visual installation methods. This ensures a flawless aesthetic appearance and the optimal functioning of your mounted television and surround sound setup.

Our professionals adeptly manage everything from straightforward mounts to intricate home theatre configurations with efficiency and expertise. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch service; thus, we ensure that high-quality materials and tools are at hand for every project we tackle.

Now, explore why our prompt and efficient service distinguishes us within Gloucester.

High-quality materials and tools

Moving away from the expertise of our technicians, it becomes essential to highlight the importance of employing high-quality materials and tools for TV wall mounting. We carefully select top-tier brackets and mounting equipment to ensure your television is securely fixed to the wall.

Adopting this method reduces risks and boosts both safety and viewing enjoyment.

A broad assortment of TV wall brackets is kept in stock, catering to a variety of needs, whether setting up a home cinema or merely making better use of space in your living room. With professional-grade tools at their disposal, our technicians efficiently undertake installations on different types of walls, keeping you well-informed about any potential challenges without any hidden fees.

Rely on us for dependable TV mounting solutions specifically designed for homes in Gloucester.

Timely and efficient service

We take pride in providing prompt and effective service for TV wall mounting in Gloucester. Our team ensures that from the moment you reach out for our help to the completion of the installation, everything is conducted swiftly and precisely.

This commitment to efficiency means we respect your time, ensuring minimal interruption to your daily activities.

Our experienced technicians possess the skills required to offer rapid solutions without cutting corners on quality. We understand that our customers value both dependability and speed in service delivery.

That’s why we aim to finish every TV mounting task swiftly, allowing you to enjoy your newly mounted TV as soon as possible.

For professional TV wall mounting services in Gloucester, contact Elite AV Services. Our experienced technicians offer reliable and efficient installation for all TV sizes, including concealed wiring and custom solutions.

Maximise your viewing experience with our affordable and high-quality mounting services. Contact us today to schedule your TV wall mounting in Gloucester.

  • How long does it take to mount a TV on the wall?

TV wall mounting typically takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity and size of the TV.

  • Can I supply my own wall mount bracket for the TV installation?

Yes, you can provide your own wall mount bracket for the TV installation if it meets compatibility and safety standards.

  • What is the cost of professional TV wall mounting services in Gloucester?

The cost of professional TV wall mounting services in Gloucester varies based on factors such as the size of the TV and any additional requirements.

  • Do I need to prepare anything before scheduling a TV wall mounting service?

Before scheduling a TV wall mounting service, ensure that there’s clear access to the chosen location and that all necessary cables are available for connection.

  • Is it possible to conceal cables during the TV wall mounting process?

Yes, cables can be concealed during the TV wall mounting process using cable management solutions for a neat and tidy appearance.

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