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Welcome to Elite AV Services, your top provider of TV wall mounting services in Dursley and the surrounding Gloucestershire area. Properly mounting your new flat-screen TV on the wall can be a difficult and dangerous task if you don’t know what you’re doing. Attempting a DIY TV wall mount installation risks damage to your walls or TV. Leave it to our experienced technicians to mount your TV on the wall safely and securely.

With over 15 years of experience providing TV mounting services in Dursley, our team knows the ins and outs of proper TV wall mounting. We offer professional TV wall mounts ideally suited for the size and weight of your new TV, whether it’s a space-saving mount that pulls your TV tight against the wall or an articulating mount that allows you to pull your TV away from the wall and angle it for better viewing. We always take great care to avoid damaging your walls or TV screen during the entire wall mounting process.

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TV Wall Mounting

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Benefits of Professional TV Wall Mounting

Getting TV wall mounting help from the experienced pros at Elite AV Services provides many benefits compared to doing it yourself, including:

  • Perfectly Centered Mounting – We fine-tune the mount to ensure your TV sits level on the wall for optimal viewing.
  • Safe Installation – Our technicians safely handle large, heavy TVs without risk of damage or injury.
  • Clean Cord Management – We neatly run and hide connecting cords so they don’t detract from your TV’s sleek wall-mounted look.
  • Range of TV Mounts – We provide the exact TV wall mount best suited for your TV size, weight capabilities, articulating arm needs, and more.
  • Damage-Free Mounting Process – Our careful process ensures no damage is caused to your walls or TV screen.
  • We Supply Mounting Hardware – We bring all needed mounting hardware and tools, so you don’t have to purchase anything.

From large 70+ inch TVs to smaller 32-inch screens, we are experts in mounting every TV size securely onto your wall as a sleek, stylish focal point in your Dursley area living room, bedroom, office, commercial space, or anywhere you want your TV perfectly positioned.

Our TV Wall Mounting Process

The Elite AV Services process for professionally mounting your TV on the wall is quick and easy:

  1. Scheduling Your Appointment Time – Schedule a convenient time for our technicians to come out and inspect your space to install your mount. Let us know the size and weight of the TV you want mounted.
  2. On-Site Consultation – We examine your room’s wall space to determine the optimal positioning for your mount and TV. This takes into account optimal viewing angles, hiding cords effectively, and any obstacles.
  3. TV Wall Bracket Installation – We securely install your suitable TV wall mount centred and level on your wall’s studs for safely holding your TV long-term.
  4. TV Mounting – We carefully lift and mount your flat-screen TV onto the wall bracket using proper assistance equipment and techniques to protect your TV.
  5. Cord Management – We neatly run any showing cords along the edges of your wall space for a clean, streamlined look.
  6. Finishing Touches – We make final adjustments to make your wall-mounted TV position perfect for your seating arrangement and usage. Our work is always neat and clean.

For perfectly mounted TVs by the most experienced technicians in Dursley, call Elite AV Services today at 0333 772 2013 to schedule your TV wall mounting appointment.

Frequently Asked TV Mounting Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get about professionally mounting flat-screen TVs:

  • How much weight can my wall support for a TV bracket?

Walls typically can support up to 70 KG spread across studs. We always securely install mounts anchored firmly into your wall’s wood studs to disperse weight. We recommend mounts designed exactly for your TV’s weight and size.

  • Does the wall mount damage my wall in any way?

Our installation process is designed to avoid any wall damage. The only holes drilled are small ones into your wall’s studs to anchor the mount. Patching them later is quick and straightforward.

  • What options for TV wall mounts do you provide?

We offer fixed flat mounts keeping your TV flush against the wall, tilting mounts allowing your TV to angle down slightly, articulating mounts enabling you to pull out and swivel your TV, full motion mounts providing the greatest range of TV positioning, and more.

  • Can you mount my TV over my fireplace?

Yes, we have extensive experience safely mounting TVs over fireplaces and identifying the best locations for optimal viewing and a full range of motion capability.

  • Do you provide other AV services beyond mounts?

Absolutely! We are your one-stop provider in Dursley for AV needs like home theatre installation, TV aerial installation, surround sound systems, security cameras, office video conferencing equipment, and much more.

For any questions about getting your flat screen TV securely mounted on your wall by our professional technicians, contact Elite AV Services today! Call 0333 772 2013 or email us to schedule your appointment.


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