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Freeview TV is the UK’s largest digital television network and is often referred to as terrestrial TV. Depending on the location there are currently anywhere between 60 and 70 channels available, all of which can be received through a TV aerial. 

The most common entertainment channels are broadcast through the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Dave, More 4, The Food network and many more. Movie fans can enjoy big screen blockbusters through Film 4 and the Sony Movie channel, whilst all of the children’s favourites are available on Cbeebies, CITV and Pop. Football fans can catch the action through Quest.

There are also regional variations available on Freeview, with programmes such as the local news alongside +1 hour options so that programmes are never missed.

Why Just Have Freeview

Freeview is a popular choice of Television service because there is no recurring or ongoing bill to pay. Once a set top box or Television with inbuilt free view has been purchased, there is no contract to sign. The service is completely free.

For those people that are satisfied with the more basic setup, that delivers all of the latest news and popular TV shows, Freeview is a completely acceptable solution.

What Equipment Is Needed For Freeview

To receive Freeview an aerial is required. Depending on location this can either be on top of the building or in the loft. Although loft aerials can perform well, they are not as reliable as an aerial that is attached to a pole and secured onto a roof.

Most modern televisions come with Freeview built in to the system. If a television doesn’t have this, then a set top box can be purchased. There is a huge range of boxes, some with a more budget price and others that are more expensive because they have more functionality. 

How We Can Install Your Freeview

Our team of professional engineers can install your Freeview system. We will advise which set top box is the best, depending on an individuals needs and requirements. We will visit the property and discuss which aerial will receive the best signal for the location and the type of building.

The aerial will require a coaxial cable. This attaches to the aerial and runs through the building to the TV wall connection points. We can install these and attach any further televisions.

Once the equipment is installed, our fully trained engineer will tune in all of the available channels and explain how to use the Freeview system.

Our engineers are trained to climb heights and will come to the property with all of the necessary safety equipment to work on the aerial. When inside the property, the engineer will work in a tidy, clean and efficient manner to install your Freeview with little fuss.

Freeview Set Top Boxes

Customers have a wide range of choices when it comes to set top boxes. The most basic option will connect easily and will tune in all of the available channels. As far as functionality, there will be a TV guide and that will be it. 

The more expensive options will also tune in all of the available channels however there will be High Definition channels available, built in streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube and a recording service that will allow a certain number of programmes to be recorded and stored.  If a more expensive box is used they can also be linked to internet devices.

Some set top boxes allow even more channels to be purchased if desired and the more high end box will recommend programmes based upon what has been watched previously. Freeview set top boxes that connect to the internet, provide over 20,000 hours of on demand TV.

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Freeview Multi Room

We can install as many TV wall sockets as required and advise the best way to watch Freeview in various rooms around the property, should it be a house or commercial business. We can attach numerous rooms to one aerial and provide specialist signal boosting equipment to make sure all of the available channels are tuned in.

Freeview Play

This is a fantastic service that brings Freeview completely up to date with some of its main competitors. Freeview Play offers a slick interface, with the ability to see what programmes are being televised ahead of time. Freeview Play combines on demand and catch up television with the ability to pause, rewind and record. Freeview Play allows your favourite apps to be downloaded and the overall look and appearance is much smoother and more sophisticated.

The Freeview App

The app that accompanies Freeview television is a fantastic way to watch TV on the go. Available on Android and iPhone, the app works on smartphones and tablets and can also function with some set top boxes, allowing recordings to be set even if your not at home.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Freeview

We can discuss with you what requirements are most important to you and advise accordingly. If your unsure about any aerial, we can visit the property and assess the suitability to connect to Freeview. If the aerial doesn’t work, we can fault find, repair and replace should it be required.

We can advise what set top box is needed or identify what is available through an in built system on a television. We appreciate that no two customers are the same. We always aim to be competitive in price whilst offering the best service. 


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