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There are many ways to watch television. With the advancement in technology, many TV services are now streamed online offering customers a huge choice in different programmes to watch, how to watch them and when to tune in.

For several years Freesat has been a popular alternative and a fantastic way to watch television. As the name suggests, Freesat uses a satellite signal to receive programmes to a box which is connected to a television for viewing.

Why Choose Freesat?

Freesat was set up by the BBC and ITV channels. It is a free-to-air alternative to the popular Freeview television option and offers more channels. There are currently more than 200 channels available, some of which are in High Definition. 

People have chosen to use Freesat because they have an existing satellite dish, which can be attached to a Freesat box.  The obvious advantage of this is that it is relatively easy to set up and install.

Another key feature and perhaps possibly the main plus point of Freesat is the cost. There is no monthly contract or on going bill to pay. Once the satellite dish has been installed and the Freesat box purchased there is no other payment to be made.

Freesat is also area specific like other television options. By this we mean regional variations in news and programmes can be watched. On setup, the user inputs their postcode which activates the box to show the programmes for their location.

How We Can Install Your Freesat

Here at Elite AV Services, we have years of experience installing home entertainment systems, including TV aerials and Satellite dishes. Our engineers will visit your premises, be it a commercial business property or home. We will assess the correct position for your Freesat satellite dish as they have to be placed and fixed facing a particular direction. Once this has been established we will install the cable which provides the signal from the dish to the Freesat box, before completing the setup process on the television.

Our engineers always aim to work in a tidy and efficient manner and will ensure there is minimum disruption to your household or business.

Once the equipment has been installed our technicians will be more than happy to guide you through the setup process and explain how to use the Freesat service.

What Equipment Is needed?

Freesat requires a satellite dish and Freesat box. We can supply both however, there are different choices and options of Freesat box.

Freesat Boxes

Not all Freesat set top boxes are the same. Of course there are different brands and budget options, alongside boxes that cost more. The more costlier the box the better the service and noticeable differences with the functions that are available.

Some boxes have the facility to record programmes and store them in the internal hard drive whilst others will allow users to watch programmes that have been missed. Other boxes will help users to plan their viewing and never miss episodes from a certain series. Many newer boxes now come with built in WiFi, allowing streaming services to be used, including channels such as Netflix. Many modern Freesat boxes have the capability to pause and rewind TV and watch programmes in stunning high definition quality.

Some televisions have Freesat built in to them. In some circumstances this can reduce cost, however it can also limit the functionality. 

tv wall mounting hidden cables

The choice is wide and varied. We can advise which Freesat box is best for you and your requirements.

Using An Existing Satellite Dish For Freesat

As previously mentioned, a satellite dish that is currently fixed to the property or building can be used. Perhaps there was a previous Sky TV subscription that is no longer being used but the dish has remained. 

If this is the case our engineers will inspect the dish for any faults or damage and make sure it is still pointing in the correct direction to receive the signal. The cable that runs through the building and attaches to the dish will also be examined and replaced if there is any wear and tear. A cable in poor condition will severely affect the quality of signal, which will be detrimental to viewing. 

Freesat can also be used alongside Sky TV and also Sky Q. We can install both for you, should this be required. We can explain what equipment is needed to achieve this, as some satellite dishes will not allow for both to be used at the same time.

Freesat Multiroom

Like other paid TV services such as Sky, Freesat can be enjoyed in different rooms around the house or in your workplace.

Each room will need a Freesat box, however our expert engineers will be able to connect all the boxes to just one single satellite dish. The LNB on the dish, which connects the cabling, may need upgrading to support multiple users. Nevertheless our technicians will advise what work will need carrying out to achieve this for you.

The Freesat App

To work alongside your new Freesat television installation the Freesat app, which is available on Android and iPhone, allows users to control their box; particularly useful if you are not at home and want to arrange your TV viewing. The app allows users to record programmes remotely, use the app as a remote control, launch on demand players and manage any recordings that have been made. Our technicians will guide you through the app should it be required.

How Much Will Freesat Cost?

There are several factors that will affect cost. There is a wide range in choice of box, with some being very cheap to others being more costly due to their capability. If there is already a usable dish this will make the cost even cheaper and we can advise what dish needs to be setup depending on your own requirements.


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