Fransat Installation, Pontypridd, Cardiff

Here we had a French customer who wanted to watch Fransat in his home. He didn’t know this was available but he called us to enquire and we ran him through the options that were available.

He opted to go for Fransat, as it had all the regional French channels that he was used to receiving back in France. Channels like TF1, France2 and M6 to name but a few. Even better, these channels are also avaialble in HD (High Definition) and they’re free!

So, to supply this system, we provided a 60 CM satellite dish and installed it on to the front wall pointing towards Atlantic Bird satellite for the French package.

Inside the property, we fitted a small satellite reciever that connected to the TV and a remote so he could choose and change the channels.

View of the dish from the front of the property
View from the rear showing the cable clipped down behind the drain pipe

If you are interested in French TV with a single one-off payment, then do give us a call on 07593817203 or you can message us on our webpage @ Fransat Installation Cardiff

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