Experience the Ultimate Home Theatre with a 98 Inch TV

Televisions have come a long way from yesteryear’s boxy, low-resolution sets. Today, 98-inch TVs represent the pinnacle of home entertainment, offering an unparalleled viewing experience. But a large TV requires proper mounting and installation to unlock its full potential. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits on how to experience the ultimate home theatre with a 98 ininch TV, top brands to consider, and why hiring a professional for TV wall mounting is strongly advised.

The Grandeur of 98 Inches

Remember when 32-inch TVs were considered massive? Now, 98-inch sets are the new norm for dedicated home theatres. With a screen measuring over 8 feet diagonally, 98-inch TVs provide complete immersion and intense detail. You’ll be able to appreciate every pixel in 4K and 8K resolutions. This makes them ideal for large living rooms and basement theatres where guests can all enjoy a cinematic view. The enhanced clarity and expanded field of view allow you to fully appreciate action sequences and panning visuals. You’ll never have to squint or lean forward to see details again!

Key Features to Look For

To make the most of a 98-inch screen, you’ll want a TV packed with top-tier specs and capabilities:

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) is currently the benchmark, while 8K models boast four times as many pixels. Higher resolutions provide more lifelike clarity and depth.
  • Refresh Rate – 120Hz and higher refresh rates result in smoother motion and transitions. This is especially beneficial for sports, video games, and action movies.
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range brings out the deepest blacks, boldest colours and brightest whites by intelligently adjusting brightness levels across the screen.
  • Smart TV – Built-in WiFi and smart platforms like WebOS and Tizen allow you to stream movies, shows, sports and more in gorgeous clarity. Voice control makes navigation seamless.
  • Sound – Beefy built-in speaker systems, Dolby Atmos, and soundbar connectivity ensure an audio experience on par with the stunning visuals.

Top 98 Inch TV Brands

  • Samsung – The Korean tech giant offers several 98-inch models packed with innovations. Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup features advanced mini-LED backlighting for phenomenal contrast and brightness. Their OLED TVs produce perfect black levels. Both types come equipped with the intuitive Tizen smart platform and voice assistant.
  • LG – LG’s claim to fame is its cutting-edge OLED technology, offering infinite contrast thanks to self-lit pixels. The LG G2 series also boasts the new OLED Evo panel, pushing brightness up to 30%. WebOS provides a responsive smart TV experience.
  • Sony – Sony’s Master Series A95K wowed reviewers with its cognitive intelligence that analyzes content to produce intense real-world colours and details. The Google TV interface makes finding streaming content or cast from mobile devices easy.
  • TCL – TCL offers 98-inch TV models at more budget-friendly prices but still packs premium features like QLED panels. The user-friendly Roku TV platform is excellent for casual streaming and navigation.
  • Other brands like HisenseVizio and HiSense also offer 98-inch options. OLED and QLED panels are definitely preferable for the best image quality possible.

Why Professional Installation Is a Must

A 98-inch TV is a major investment – the professional installation should match that level of commitment. Attempting a DIY wall mount risks damage, given the size and weight. Hiring experts ensure your TV will be installed securely, safely and properly positioned for optimal viewing.

Elite AV Services

Elite AV Services has over 15 years of experience handling large-scale TV mounting and home theatre installation. Their highly trained experts have tackled thousands of TV mounting jobs, including 98-inch and larger units. They undergo extensive product training and safety certification – you can trust them to handle a TV as precious as yours!

Customers consistently rave about their attention to detail, quality of work, and friendly service. They offer complimentary consultations to survey your space and suggest the most appropriate mounting solutions. You’ll benefit from their upfront guidance before any work begins.

Whether your wall is brick, drywall or concrete, they have the exact mounting equipment to safely secure your 98-inch TV without any guesswork or shortcuts. Precision measuring ensures perfect positioning and alignment. Cables will also be neatly organized and concealed for clean aesthetics.

Why Professional Mounting Is Essential

  • Safety – Large TVs require reinforced mounting brackets secured into studs or masonry. Attempting to “wing it” risks damage and injury.
  • Alignment – Precise measurements ensure the TV is perfectly centred and level on the wall.
  • Cables – Experts neatly route and hide unsightly cables away from view.
  • Support – Reputable companies stand behind their installation with warranties and continued support.

Maintaining Your Investment

Once your 98-inch beauty is securely mounted, you’ll want to care for it properly:

  • Use microfiber cloths and gentle cleaners designed for screens when removing dust and fingerprints. Avoid abrasive chemicals or materials.
  • Keep the TV away from direct sunlight, which can damage the panel over time.
  • Ensure the area has proper ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • Use surge protectors and avoid power interruptions to protect sensitive components.
  • Tighten wall mountings periodically, as the TV may shift slightly over time.
  • Take care when cleaning around the TV to prevent it from being knocked or struck.

Going Big with No Regrets

A 98-inch TV delivers an authentic cinematic experience right in your own home. While the upfront investment is significant, the unrivalled viewing immersion and future-proof technology make it worthwhile. Choose an option from leading brands like Samsung, LG and Sony that offers top-notch resolution, smart features and sound.

Professional installation is strongly advised at this scale – the expertise of companies like Elite AV Services guarantees your satisfaction. Enjoy the big screen without any worries or frustration. With the right 98-inch TV and proper mounting, sit back and enjoy your new ultra-premium home theatre!

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