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European satellite TV allows users to access television channels from across the continent. By installing and directing a satellite dish to a certain location, any number of free to air TV channels can be viewed. As these channels are free there is no requirement to pay any subscription fees or monthly rolling contract. 

TV Channels can be accessed from any number of countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Slovakia and beamed straight into your home here in the UK. 

How Does European Satellite Work

There are many hundreds, if not thousands of satellites in orbit above the earth’s atmosphere. They all perform different tasks and are all important for different things. TV satellite systems allow signals to be transmitted from one location to a satellite in orbit and a satellite dish will connect and pick up the signal. 

European TV satellites tend to be larger than dishes you may be more familiar with such as the Sky TV dish.

In some circumstances, a motorised satellite dish may be a preferred option. This dish can be pre-programmed with different coordinates to receive signals from different satellites. Once the user chooses certain channels the dish will automatically move to lock on to the programmed signal.

The dish sends the signal down a cable which is connected to a set top box. The box will be tuned correctly to show the received channels on the television set; be it radio or television programmes.

How is European Satellite Installed?

If you are looking to add European satellite to your Television, then we can install the system. Once you’ve decided on which countries channels you want to watch, our engineers will visit your home or business property to carry out a survey. This will determine the best location for your dish.

Our engineers are fully trained and will carry out the installation to completion. They will have all of the necessary safety equipment to gain access to your roof, should it be required. 

Once the dish is installed in the correct place the engineer will run the cabling inside. This will be done on the most convenient place on the property, to minimise drilling and to keep the cable length as short as possible. 

Once the equipment is installed the engineer will connect the cabling to the set top box and then to the television set. They will then tune in the channels should it be required. If a motorised dish is installed the engineer will explain how to access the programmes from different locations, baring in mind there will be a slight delay as the dish moves position.

European Satellite TV Multi Room

Satellite television can be enjoyed in any number of rooms around the property and European satellite is no exception. If you require this facility, our engineers will make sure the dish has the correct features and provide access for every room required.

European Satellite Subscription channels

Many European satellite channels are free to view however, there is the option to pay a subscription to view certain other encrypted channels depending on the country of origin. To do this customers must have a decryption card and the receiver will need a CAM. We can advise you what is needed if you are looking to gain access to these channels.

How Many Channels Are Available?

This all depends on which satellite is being used or which countries television channels are required by the customer.

One of the most powerful satellites available is Hotbird which delivers over 1000 channels to over 135 million TV homes across Europe and beyond.

This includes over 350 free to air channels and over 400 High Definition channels.

Who Would Benefit From European Satellite?

Anyone can watch European satellite should they want to. It probably goes without saying that the language needs to be understood to enjoy watching programmes from a different country. In the UK there are many people who want to watch television from their native country and European satellite will help them achieve this.

Customers should bear in mind that a fixed dish will only receive signals from one location. Should other services or channels be needed then the fixed dish will have to be realigned. This is where a motorised dish comes into its own. Other satellites include; Astra, Eutelsat and Hispasat, all of which transmit channels from various countries within Europe and also Arabic countries.

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European Satellite Repairs and Maintenance

Customers may already have a European dish but isn’t connected. If this is the case, our engineers will inspect the dish for any defects or damage. If the dish cannot be used or repaired we will advise on a new dish however if the dish is serviceable we will endeavour to bring it back to full working condition. 

Due to where satellite dishes have to be placed to receive the signal, they are regularly exposed to bad weather conditions.  Your existing dish may have succumbed to years of harsh treatment from the environment and to avoid disappointing tuning issues or unviewable programmes, the dish may just need replacing for a new one.

How Much Does European Satellite Cost?

This is very much dependant on what is required. Customers who are looking at a brand new installation with a new motorised dish will obviously pay more than a customer who is looking to re install an existing fully working satellite dish. We always aim to be competitive on prices, whilst offering a first class service.


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