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Do I need a TV aerial for a smart TV?

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This is a common question when purchasing a television. Aerial is also what is known as an ‘antenna’. It refers to any technology that accepts or transmits radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy and transforms it into electrical signals. Domestic television sets, radios, and mobile phones all require aerials.

Many consumers have smart TVs without an aerial, unaware that it may be required in addition to streaming. If you want the full benefit of streaming internet services from your television, you will need to either an aerial or stream through another device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Is a TV aerial required for a smart television?

Without an antenna, the only option to access HD material on your smart TV is through satellite or cable television, both of which have expensive monthly prices and may need additional equipment expenditures. To take advantage of everything the internet has to offer, you will benefit from installing an external aerial in addition to your smart tv’s internal one.

Is it possible to buy a smart TV without an aerial built in?

Yes, you can buy a smart TV without an integrated aerial. The drawback is that you don’t need an aerial to watch regular TV. However, you will need one to fully utilise the internet and other extra capabilities. Without an aerial, your display will only receive standard definition (SD) signals, which are inferior in quality to HD material. If this does not concern you, there is no need for an aerial, although excellent-quality viewing cannot be obtained without one.

Is an aerial necessary for a smart TV?

You may stream on your smart TV without an aerial. However, if you want full HD material and all the internet has to offer, you’ll need one installed in addition to your TV’s inbuilt one. Aerials are required for viewing regular TV, and they are essential when streaming online in order to experience all on offer. Otherwise, you will only get standard definition (SD) signals, which are of poorer quality than HD material.

So, do smart TVs require an aerial? A smart TV without an aerial built-in is available, albeit aerials are not required for basic TV watching. These can be outdoor aerials or internal aerials, which are also referred to as indoor antennas. To fully utilise the internet and other functions, though, you must have one installed. If this does not affect you, no aerial is required; nevertheless, an aerial is required if excellent-quality viewing is desired. So, in response to the query ‘do smart TVs require an aerial?’, the answer is that it actually depends on what you want to use it for.

Can I watch TV without an aerial?

In the past, the straightforward response to the question ‘do TVs require an aerial?’ would have been a resounding yes. However, with the introduction of smart TVs, the solution has become more complex. So, is an aerial required for a smart TV? To get a TV signal, you need an aerial. You can’t watch live television if you don’t have an antenna.

You may, however, view catch-up TV and streaming programming using applications such as BBC iPlayer, All 4, and ITV Hub as long as you have internet access. On-demand TV series and movies can also be purchased or rented via services such as Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, and Virgin Media Player. So, even if you don’t have an aerial, you can still watch a variety of TV content.

Do you need assistance installing your smart TV?

If you need assistance installing and configuring your Smart TV, please feel free to contact our smart tv setup and installation professionals by calling 0333 772 2013 or filling out the contact form on the website. We can assist you to get the most out of your smart TV by connecting you to popular applications and services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and many more.

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