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Poor WiFi Signal?

Experiencing poor WiFi in certain rooms of your home can be frustrating at the best of times, especially when it comes to something as simple as watching a movie via a streaming service but you’re experiencing pixelation and buffering or the kids gaming online with friends but experiencing constant signal drop out. Well, this is what is known as ‘black spots’ or ‘dead zones’, where the main WiFi hub/router isn’t broadcasting a strong enough wireless signal around the property to reach the rooms you require WiFi the most. 

What Can Cause A Poor WiFi Connection?

Typically the main router is installed at ground level as that’s where the usual entry point for Virgin or BT would be, but in the common household, this position is not ideal to cover the whole property as it is not a central location.

Why Is My Internet Running Slow?

The most common questions when it comes to slow internet speeds are usually ones like, “is it my Internet Service Provider (ISP) or is it my WiFi router/hub?”. Well, this question can be initially answered by carrying out a simple broadband speed check, one at the location of the router and then again at various locations of the property where WiFi signals are weak. This will help to determine what is causing the slow internet speeds. Your Internet Service Provider would have given you an ‘up-to’ recommended download speed, so if your speed check result is running short of this at the router, then we have solutions for ‘better than standard’ WiFi routers and hubs. If your speed test shows a weak download speed at the other parts of your property, then we can provide solutions for whole-home WiFi by suggesting a callout. Furthermore, see our (WiFi Signal Solutions) section to read how Elite AV Services can improve your WiFi signal in other areas/rooms of your property for a stress-free internet experience!

WiFi Signal Solutions?

When it comes to eliminating those ‘black spots’ or ‘dead zones’, we can provide a solution that gives your property ‘whole-home WiFi. One of our expert technicians would need to attend your property as part of a site survey to assess and diagnose the areas of your property experiencing poor WiFi coverage. We can then discuss in detail a solution in making sure you have 100% reliable coverage at your property. Below we will list in detail some of the various solutions available.

WiFi Range Extenders & Boosters

A WiFi extender or repeater is the budget type solution to try and eliminate what is known as ‘dead zones’ in certain areas/rooms of your property. It’s a wireless adaptor that plugs into the mains and amplifies your existing wifi to give a wider coverage area.

Whole-Home Mesh WiFi

Whole-home WiFi systems are an affordable all-around reliable system for the user who wants that ‘seamless’ coverage and connection on all devices without switching between extenders. With a series of nodes that plug into the mains, this gives a whole-home solution that shares a single SSID and password.

Wired Access Points

This is more of an advanced system and one that would be fitted initially at the renovation stage (1st fix) or within a property such as Housing Of Multiple Occupation (HMO), apartments or shared housing such as student accommodation. This type of system consists of Access Points (APs) which are usually ceiling-mounted and wired back to the main router, creating a whole-home WiFi solution with 100% coverage and improved download speed, this system can also be set up as part of a managed system and can be accessed remotely by an app or computer.

Why Choose Elite AV Services?

Elite AV Services has been at the forefront of Data & WiFi since the start of this innovative revolution. With the internet being a huge part of today’s society, we know how important it is to make sure our customers don’t experience poor internet situations, whether it be for domestic customers or business purposes. Not only do we install, service and maintain residential properties but we also cater for small and medium businesses too.

With the vast growing rate of modern technology for things like, home security systems, smart home systems and streaming services requiring a reliable internet connection, we as a company know how important it is to make sure all services and devices that require an internet connection have a reliable signal.

Like modern technology, we make sure all of our accredited technicians are kept up-to-date, attending the latest courses to provide our customers with the latest tech and advice, assuring peace of mind when it comes to a reliable internet connection.

Once we have completed any type of work at your property and a problem was to occur thereafter, Elite AV Services offer a rapid response service and make sure one of our local technicians are back at your property rectifying any issues initially carried out


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